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    Word Association Game

    No real jobs
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    PASTURE NAMES by Steve Moreland

    Its like that here to. You will tell someone to go out to Romeleys but Romeleys are long gone and don't own it anymore. Sometimes a 1/4 is just called the water rights quarter. I forget how it worked but wasn't one quarter in a township set up so different ones had access to water? I know of...
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    Rib or hip brand ?

    Dont know anybody who uses a shoulder brand. I figured there was a reason for it so I didn't even look at them for availability.
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    Cowboy Poem

    When I was starting colts years ago I had some like that. Haha used to sell the good ones because they were worth something and ended up keeping and using the Dink's or whatever you want to call them. Sometimes they make good horses after enough years. I had one that bucked really hard for about...
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    Post a Ranch Photo!

    👍life just dont get any better than what's in your picture. I can't do big rides right now. My leg needs some surgery's. Hopefully next time the hospital call I can catch a ride there and back and get someone to do chores. I miss the hills,the forestry,the mountains and riding in new country...
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    Rib or hip brand ?

    I make the brand part of my irons out of stainless. Seems better than steel because it doesn't get as hot.
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    Rib or hip brand ?

    Wow thats sure different. Never heard tell of that. I guess the lions eat the legs and neck last?( joking)
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    Rib or hip brand ?

    In Alberta you can't use a reverse c or mono reverse C on cows. They won't let you do much like years ago you could design most anything. Now I think they want something that can be typed quick on a keyboard. You can still do an anchor,quarter circle or half diamond,but no tuning forks and stuff...
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Picking rocks,fixing fence and working at old junk. The rest of the time I usually spend worrying about stuff thats out of my control.
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    Rib or hip brand ?

    I think the new hip brands in Alberta can only be two irons. One on top of other. Which should fit better than three horizontally. I know with rib brands on left side of calves its better if your third iron is a running bar instead a letter because the flank skin is getting thin back there. What...
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    We use scour boss 9 eight weeks before calving. Cows get bovishield gold vl5 At branding calves get bovishield gold one shot, plus 7 way. They changed the regs in Alberta. We had to pay the vet to be trained to use drugs which is garbage. Then I have to pay the vet another $40 a year to stay...
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    Rib or hip brand ?

    With a rib brand if you have some late born calves you have to be so careful or even wait to brand them. I'm wondering if a hip brand would be better? Thicker skin and one less iron to deal with.
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    A long time since....

    We were in that VB program years ago. Went into it to get funding on a squeeze. It was basically stuff we were doing a anyway. Then they changed the program. Needed internet to do it which we didn't have or want . couldn't see any bennifit to that verified beef program. Just more paperwork for...
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    I watch shows on TV about other planets like mars or Neptune,etc. Hearing about the weather on other planets makes ours not seem as bad.
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    The Great Elk Ambush 2020

    Problem is the bigger the horns the worse the meat. Yearling was best choice! No calf orphaned.Congratulations! If any of you ever get a chance.Take a kid out hunting. Even if its not your kid. Girl or boy,doesn't matter.I'm betting when you see them enjoy the hunt it will be the most rewarding...
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    Crazy times in our neck of the woods.

    Be careful with solar panels. If the company goes broke like windmill or oil and gas companies your family could be left with a super expensive clean up. Thirteen years ago nobody would have believed what is going on in Alberta today.
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    PASTURE NAMES by Steve Moreland

    In the foothills you can still see where they tried to farm years ago. Super steep side hills that make you cringe if you think about trying to farm with equipment. They must have done it with horses because I can't see how they could have farmed it with tractors. You can still find parts of...
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    Hi from BC, Canada!

    The western producer newspaper always has jobs like your looking for in the classified ads.
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    MY THOUGHTS ON THE CATTLE MARKET - Steve Moreland - October 10, 2020

    I sold my calves about 2 weeks ago and did better than expected. Its snowing bout everyday. Have grass banked and stackyard is full for the first time in at least 6 years. I'm feeding barley straw every other day and making them dig for grass the next. Snow is a good sign of moisture next year...
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    I'm going to try. My daughter went from perfect to very different in the last 6 months.its a horror story I can't talk about on internet. I'm still trying. Thats why I'm holding on. Hey there used to be an old song called faster horses by I think tom t hall. It wasn't really a song that woman...