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    Pretty way to end the day

    I'd love to take the credit for both, but, the verse is from the song "The Gift" and the sunset, well thats the Big Guy's doing! All I did was stand there in awe.................
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    Pretty way to end the day

    When the Lord called Charlie to his home up yonder, He said, "Kid Russell, I got a job for you. You're in charge of sunsets up in old Montana, 'Cause I can't paint them quite as good as you...... , Up here in Alberta the night before last.......
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    A normal shrink could be 1-5% which is usually just the emptying of the digestive tract. 8% and over is dehydration and actual tissue loss. My experience had been on an average 36 hour haul from western Canada to Ontario was around 5% + on calves, less on yearlings. A lot of money has been made...
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    How to not get the yearlings checked

    ya, if I need to change a light bulb in the house, I like to allow myself at least 4 hours.....
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    Can anyone cash in on this?

    Free trip to the ER?? Not trying to tell you how to run yer business but I think your leaving money on the table. I might suggest, um, $0.50 per loaded mile?
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    Life's reflections................

    So, with the arrival of the last calf safe and sound down by the crick, one more calving season draws to a close. As I was stuffing my raunchy, vile, stinking, stiff, putrid Carhart calving overalls, that for some reason I never get washed until calving is done, into the Maytag, I had a brief...
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    Infectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis

    (Thought if I just called it pinkeye nobody would read my post.) We've been pretty fortunate this year so far, but I just turned them in to the big pasture with lots of tall grass and now just watching and waiting. Over the years it seemed that most (not all), the cases were in the left eye...
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    Another Vet Story.

    I think I know that rancher....
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    Bred cows cycling

    Had one years ago. Bred around April, "stood" mid summer, calved January. Did it a few years. Got one now, 8 year old, will stand before calving, after calving, before breakfast etc.... I would describe it as recreational reproduction. Sometimes ya gotta just look the other way....
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    2AM calving night watch reading.........

    I mentioned this book to my wife and she was able to find a copy for me. I first read this about 20 years ago but with my memory as good as it is, it's all new to me!! Cool story!
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    How Cold is it?

    Thirty in the hole here last night. I was in on Jasper Ave in Edmonton on Friday and it was so cold there the lawyers were out walking with their hands in their OWN pockets.
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    Chain saws

    I have 5. Two Stihl, a McCulloch, a Remington and an antique Mall. The one that gets the most use (the Stihl) is usually run at least once a week so the fuel doesn’t get a chance to get stale. I have started running premium gas in them and they seem to start better. I have an older Stihl and...
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    Time for a new trailer

    Looking at a new Frontier aluminum stock trailer. It's parked beside a new Sundowner. Crawled in under and around and I understand that the Frontier is a cheaper trailer because its a cheaper trailer, but I'm pretty easy to please as long as they are SAFE. I do NOT want problems on the road. Any...
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    So......was yer birthday sat or tues?
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    Ranching "Rule of Thumb"

    My Uncle Harry's wisdom: For every calf shipped off the place spread a bag of phos fertilizer.
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    Strangest Cattle Feed/Supplement?

    Potatoes, apple pommace, pasta, bread, potatoes, carrots, banana peels, potatoes, beer, big potatoes, bakery waste, rejected brown sugar, small potatoes, soy flour, wet brewers grains, really wet brewers grains, rotten potatoes, bread dough, bird seed, lasagna, doughnuts, and potatoes. And...
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    I Hate

    How do you feel about Silverados?
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    we all know someone...

    Painful to listen to this. But I do. One of his best.
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    I guess I'm dating myself, but I barely remember reading about the drug just about the time it was pulled. Anybody remember using it? Claims? Comparable products offered when banned?
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    Supreme vertical mixer

    Well, for what it's worth, a friend of mine was a dealer for these mixers and demoed one at a rendering plant. They "processed" 6 Holstein cows and a Clydesdale horse through one. Said it did ok if you could get past the sound, but the hides tended to wrap around the vertical screw. Takes a...