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    Spring is in the air

    Snowing in Utah today.
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    Back again

    Sending prayer from the desert Martin. Some of thanksgiving that you’re recovering. And some for continued good health. Gals you’re back sir.
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    Last one

    Had the last calf early this morning. Great year and a 32 day calving season make me smile. Simm/Angus bull. Nice almost spring weather.
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    Back in Bizness

    Groceries cover up lots of flaws. Good to have ya back
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    Rotational grazing with few pastures

    Moisture has to drive your plans. But I am a huge proponent of resting pastures in the spring. Grass needs to grow and recharge the root systems and mature. That happens in my area in the spring and early summer. Once it heads out and goes to seed I feel like grazing it benefits it much more...
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    Colorado Wolf Reintroduction

    Call the Mesa cattlemen’s association in Grand Junction!!!!!!
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    In Utah your brand is only good for the location you register it for. Mine is Right Hip. Meaning somebody else can register a leaning H on left hip or right ribs. I don’t care for that but that’s our state brand law.
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    Merry Christmas from the Circle Y

    Same to you guys!!!! Have a blessed and peaceful Christmas to all my ranchers.net friends.
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    Chosen- a cowboy poem

    I was thinking a day or so ago about why I’m who I am. And this poem was born. Thought some of y’all might hear what I am saying Chosen This life chose me, Long before I was even born. When the first cowboy saddled his horse, On an early Texas morn. Just one act was destiny, For folks like...
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    Good day folks

    Welcome back Burnt!!!!! Merry Christmas
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    Let’s see your Christmas trees

    We got out and got our tree cut. It’s a pinion pine and Angie got it all decorated. Ya know we’re rednecks when the ornaments are red ear tags. Let’s see what y’all have for trees.
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    NFR news

    Such amazing people. Cody is a world class human and his wife ShaRee is even better. They have some incredible kids. Think the world of them all. Stetson made the right choice and when he’s healthy there’s nobody better. Prayers for a full recovery and being 100% sometime soon.
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    Where is everyone?

    Never mention owning goats or a baker as a deer blind. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Utah Cattlemen’s Association call

    Utah has sure reached a new low for leadership in our cattlemen’s association. I am the new 2nd vice president for the central region. Still pretty crazy to me folks would vote for me on purpose. And to my knowledge all votes were from living people. I will serve as best I can to represent...
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    Weaned and worked the tailenders

    Weight per day of age averaged 2.79 across the board.
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    Utah Cattlemen’s Association call

    The phone rang and it was a board member from the UCA. Informed me I was nominated for the state board. So now I have a nominating committee meeting Wednesday in SLC at the winter convention. Elections happen Friday. I’m hoping they vote in someone better qualified and more politically inclined...
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    Weaned and worked the tailenders

    Weaned my calves later than normal. Just the way life worked out with timing. Little bunch of my steers averaged 685 and heifers went 760. Anomaly with birth dates as heifers were all born first. One steer weighed in at 820. No creep and just our range. Amazing what happens with a great snow...
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    Where is everyone?

    I still exist too. Just rarely stop by. It’s sad when we remember the good old days around Ranchers.net.
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    Dalton thumps a good buck

    Can we come hunt??? Hint hint 🤣
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    Dalton thumps a good buck

    Dalton is my son. A lot of y’all have watched him grow up as littlest H on here. Two weeks ago he killed a good buck with his muzzleloader. Super proud of him. We hunted our guts out and we had a blast together. Took us til 11:45 to get back into camp that night.