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    Shorthorn Question

    So, I see there are a few shorthorn breeders here. Do any of you know the difference between the Whitebred shorthorns of the UK as compared to a white shorthorn of the USA? I have been interested for sometime in AI'ing a few of our black Galloways to the Whitebred shorthorn to produce the Blue...
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    COOL ID may take effect July of 08

    Admittedly I was half asleep when the farm program came on the radio this AM, but I am quite sure I heard that identification of calves for COOL purposes may kick into effect starting in July of this year. I'm not sure if that means calves born after July 1 2008. Anyway, is RFID going to be the...
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    New to forum, Introduction

    Hi All, I've just spent the past 1.5 hours perusing these posts, and have really enjoyed the variety of posts and the good natured, straight talking, fun loving conversations. We're from East Central Kansas and have a small herd of purebred Galloway which we use to produce grassfed beef...