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    What's the weather like at your place?

    I did not do that this winter........ Yet.....
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    And the heifer calves
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    Are doing well under Debbie’s care. ( Did I have any doubts? Coming twos and threes Mature cows at Morrison Meadow Mature cows at home.
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    Doing good. Some walking, a little exercise, a little cooking, a little cleaning, keeping the goodies to a minimum, touring a bit and having a whiskey before I go to bed!
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    2020 was good to me

    Happy for you Redrobin! Lots of good things happened for us in 20 also.
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    It's been a loooong winter

    Thank you!
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    Big Muddy

    Searched for the thread that you had of your Christmas Coyote Hitch. Didn’t find it You still have some of those in your collection?
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    Merry Christmas

    That’s Right!
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    Merry Christmas!
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    Merry Christmas

    Took a little drive and saw cows that I haven’t seen for nearly a month. Debbie and her helper have been looking after them well Would like to wish family and friends a very Merry Christmas.
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    Merry Covid Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all. I understand that Realtors can still show your house so we may have a couple here on the 25th
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    Best Therapy

    Got home last night after having been away since Nov. 30 for a new hip. Walking with a cane outside now and nothing inside. Hiked up to the barn and corrals this morning... all of close to a 1/2 mile! Went for a ride in the pellet truck to feed calves and one bunch of cows at home. Cattle look...
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    National finals rodeo

    I found the judging to be quite ............. especially in the bareback and some flagging in the TR. Even the announcers were commenting on the inconsistencies.
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    Had a sale...

    You know me too well!
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    A pretty heifer

    Deep and good H.
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    Had a sale...

    Getting a new hip this coming Tuesday so we downsized a bit for next springs calving. 282 cows were sorted for color and breeding dates and age. Most were due April 10 to May 15, some May 15 to June 15 and a few after mid June Sale average was $2079, far exceeded our expectations for what we...
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    A first one I seen in the wild

    A little skinny one is impressive enough when it has your dog and you are only armed with a length of pipe.
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    There has been two good years in my time. 2015 and next year.
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    Rib or hip brand ?

    Low Income iron is easy to see.
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    Got the calves to town before the monsoon hit. We weaned on frozen ground and preg tested in belly deep mud. Calves sold well for the week and the weather. Pays that our neighbor trades a few hundred thousand a year.