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    Help! with shooting at night!

    they make spotlights that mount onto your scopes.... they make them good enough that you can accurately shoot up to 300 yards......... get a cabelas magizine they will be in there
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    Brazil no threat to beef industry yet, say producers

    yeah they eat 80 percent and export 20 becasue the best looking grass fed rib eye you have ever seen costs 3$........ brazil scares me.. it scares some of the smartest looking to the future cattle men that i know. its coming and its not looking good........
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    Deep Throat and Genocide

    good read... we were talking about this today... nixon done alot for this country and the average joe off the street cannot say anything good about the man except about watergate
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    Seeding Alfalfa

    we always use lime on our pasture land but not the alfalfa fields. we are on 3rd cutting right now and it looks decent. better than the first cuttin april was the 3rd driest in history. I was driving through neb this year going to SD and wondering just how good a ceter pivot would do down where...
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    Seeding Alfalfa

    its dry land....... we live on the washita river in oklahoma and you pretty mush can not irragate off of it b/c of all the salt water polution and b/c of all the seeds that float down the river. i wish we had a center pivot like the boys from up north but its really not feasible with a normal...
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    Seeding Alfalfa

    we dont use a cover crop... on the river bottom that we farm its pretty sandy. after getting our land right (disking, vibrashanking, cultipackerand roller) we run a cultipactor across the same day as planting alfalfa... on the 3 point of the planting tractor... we have a peice of angle iron 4...
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    Brazil Looks North

    the US needs to hire this guy subsudies for agriculture are what is wrong with agriculture
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    WARNING: The consumption of alcohol will make you feel like you you were ate by a coyote and **** off a cliff!!
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    gonna get me a lil rain tomorrow if this stays on track

    we got about 1/2 inch in a month and a half.. april was the second driest in hostory in oklahoma... rain tomorrow though and im waiting, got all the alfalfa in the barn so the second cuttin wont be near as bad as the first
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    why isnt R-calf worried about the south

    the problem i see is mexico will soon start trading beef with brazil and other south american countries and these countries will dwarf our american herd. i know of a american rancher that owns ALOT of cattle in brazil just waiting for this to happen on a large scale. it happens right now but, he...
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    why isnt R-calf worried about the south

    being from oklahoma and talking to fellow ranchers noone knows about rcalf. i feel that the border with canada will have little to no affect to the prices compared to what mexico is and will continue to bring into this country. WHY ISNT RCALF DOING SOMETHING ABOUT MEXICO ????????? :mad:
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    How does one keep the neighbors bull out of ones pasture?

    this might sound mean but, shoot the bull with a .22 in the front hoof the bull wont be able to breed or jump a fence i found this method works good after a longhorn got in with some of my ohlde cows
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    Angus bull most responsible for breed improvement

    i really like 6807...
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    AI Sires?

    i really like emblazon
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    i really like king ropes here in oklahoma you cant really find any good ranch ropes that are werth a darn... i really like the bigger heavier rope for dragging calves... only like a plain soft rope for heading and heeling