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    Soapweed appears EVERYWHERE!!

    Well, maybe not everywhere...but imagine my surprise when I got my Electric Cooperative Connection issue this month and guess who is gracing the cover??? Yes, Soapweed and Sunflower. The article is about the Youth Tour. Interesting read. Just a shock to get the mail and look at the cover and...
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    Stolen Cattle

    Had around 200 head of cattle stolen from the Watertown SD sale barn sometime along Tuesday night (I think that's what the news report said this morning)...FBI is investigating, but haven't located them yet. Apparently 5 semis backed in, loaded the cattle and haven't been seen since.... Don't...
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    S&S Trailers

    Any one ever heard of them? I think I got the name right -- it was told to me over a cell phone connection. The year of it is 1987, so it's an older model... I googled it and didn't come up with anything. If any one's ever heard of this trailer, I'd appreciate a little info on it, i.e...
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    Character of young adults

    This probably doesn't belong under this section, but I thought it was worthwhile to see and shows some true character of some young ladies...see if you agree http://sports.espn.go.com/broadband/video/videopage?videoId=3380875
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    Advice on a quarter pony

    I'm asking for some advice from all of you because I'm at a loss. We've got a quarter pony that my daughter is riding. Age is unknown (on the pony that is! lol). Somewhere between 18 and 21. He's well behaved, good in 4-H, patient and kind. He's a nice quarter pony but he's been foundered...
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    New Orleans food

    Where's the best places to eat in New Orleans for a great flavor of the local food traditions? I may be going there soon and would love to go to a couple places that serve the local flavor....any suggestions?
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    Any one know what happened?

    Just saw that Corey Haiar was killed in a farm accident...he's from the Bonesteel area. Didn't really know the young man but briefly. Any one know what happened? Sad deal, leaves behind a wife and two young kids. He seemed like a nice young man. :(
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    Blizzard pictures

    Thought you might want to see what we "saw" when we were all over the news last week...what a difference a week makes -- now it's sunny and 42 degrees, snow meltin fast. Up to my waist and no bottom in sight Going nowhere fast Tractor working hard to get us moving Plow needs a plow
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    Medical Plane crash in Montana

    3 medical people killed, names not released yet...Any one heard about it? Anyone know who was involved? Just read about it on news. Isn't one of the members here a nurse around Bozeman area? The plane crashed outside of Manhattan MT...tragic...I still know quite a few people in and around...
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    Bull Rider hurt

    Anyone here go to the rodeo in Brookings SD on Saturday night, Oct. 28? If so, have you heard any more on that last bull rider that landed on his head? All I've heard was that he broke his neck, but haven't heard if there's paralysis involved or not. From the looks of it when they took him...
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    Serious calf Conditioning Problem -- help!!

    Thought this would be a good way to start a Monday -- a little humor! Our problem "child" -- can't keep weight on him Fall starting to show its colors Photo op with few willing participants A view to where we are going
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    Extreme Home Make-Over

    Just heard today they are building a home for a family just about 20 miles south of us...might drive over that way to see how they're coming along. I notice on the website, that they have designated parking areas for spectators/volunteers/workers...It's quite a production I've heard, putting up...
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    One of my horses

    I've got a gelding for sale -- am putting an ad in and thought I'd post it here too. He's 16H, 1150-1200#, 4 yr. old registered AQHA Buckskin -- Driftwood bred gelding. Had about 70 days riding on him, but he's not for a green rider. He needs an experienced rider...he's soft and starting to...
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    Vit-E-Men mineral

    Any one heard of it? I just bought some from a rancher who sells it and whom I respect. Started our cattle on it 2 days ago. I've never heard of it, but he swears by it. He uses it on his horses too and his cattle and horses are in very good shape. Anyone else use it and what results have...
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    Sign of Spring

    Saw the first flock of geese this morning near daybreak...heard them before I saw them. It's a good sign and brightened an otherwise dreary, cold day here...
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    Any answers to this calving question

    Neighbors cow having a hard time calving. He tries to pull it, can't get it. Calls the vet, vet comes out, tries to pull the calf for a bit. Then the vet says, can't get the calf out this way, so put these pills up into her uterus to kill the calf and help it deteriorate faster so you can get...
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    WYO horse sale

    I asked this over on Horses and Dogs, but haven't gotten any traffic to respond. Anyone been to one of their sales? If so, is it one of those sales that's gotten out of hand with price and hype?
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    Cowboy U

    Anyone catch the new episode of Cowboy U last night?? I laughed so hard on one point, I had tears rolling down my face!!
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    Anyone else get the ice?

    Just wondering if anyone else got the ice and snow we got...just got power up and running this morning after 3 days....trees and power poles snapped off all over the place from over an 1" of ice cover and 50+ mph winds, and the grove looks pretty sad too. Livestock were eating snow just to keep...
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    McNab/Austrialian Shepard cross?

    Hey all...I have spoken for a pup like this....any one else have a cross like that? If so, what's been your experience with working/family loyalty? Seems like it should be savvy at working and it would have the bloodlines to boot...just not too familiar with the austrialian shepard side of the...