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    Graphic Design Pt. 2 for Lilly (:

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    cute kitty

    what a cutey...
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    The Tropics

    I haven't measured since April...but I do know how much we've gotten since August 30 -- and if you are a duck, you are one happy duck.... We've gotten 17" in 22 days...with more to come today....
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    Keep our family in your prayers please

    So sorry for your loss jersey...you and yours are in our prayers.
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    Lets talk

    The best thing you can do katrina is go visit with an estate planning/probate attorney in your area. What you say is a living trust, may not be what others on here are thinking is a living trust. States differ on what the requirements are, what they do, how they protect your assets and what...
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    Gotta wash my Carhartts, but hate to...

    I wash mine a couple times a year, but do NOT dry them. I hang them up and let them airdry. I think that's the key to it all -- we're plenty breezy here and nothing gets through my heavy Carhartt bibs...washing em would be basically the same as getting them wet with snow and letting them...
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    #39 Judge a "book" by its cover #40 Think I am better than anyone else
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    The Lawyers' Party

    Good article that displaces blame on a profession rather than people themselves... :roll: The study of law is just that -- a study. It doesn't make a person into something they are not already inclined to be.... Kinda like saying that white collar criminals were created when they went to...
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    leaving on a trip

    look into something other than a purse to keep your valuables in -- something that you keep ON YOU.... Keep a copy of your passport separate from your passport -- keep your passport in a VERY safe place...remember that you'll be passing thru airport security, so check with your departure...
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    Terrible tragedy

    Seems I heard about this when it happened, but this is the first I heard about it going to trial...wow...keep the board posted please, I'm interested in how it turns out. Sad for the families involved and then unimaginable grief they feel...maybe closure of some sort will come for them through...
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    See Ya Later

    Yes, congrats to you all!
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    A few photos from Old West Days, Oct 3, 2009

    Paul Larson is a lot of fun to listen too -- and he's quite the character as well....have enjoyed him every time I've heard him.
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    Best Song you've heard lately?

    "Where've I been all my life" -- George Strait, Twang...VERY good song. But then again, it is George.
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    v10 vs. powerstroke

    I know a guy who has a V10...swears by the power, swears at the gas mileage. Says it'll out pull the diesel, but I think he's full of "it". I own the 6.0 and wish I had my old Dodge diesel back. 6.0's been okay, but already had to have the turbo "cleaned" and something in it replaced, and...
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    What size of generator?

    If you have an air conditioner on your camper, get at least a 3000W generator -- if you have a bigger than 13,500 BTU air conditioner on it, you'll need a bigger generator to run it. If you are using this generator to run your camper and you plan to be around other folks at the time, invest in...
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    How's your garden?

    hmmmm, you might be on to something there...lol!! :lol:
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    How's your garden?

    Thanks for the tips Mrs. H! I've made the hamburger thing with acorn squash before, never thought about trying it with zucchini squash...the only difference is that I don't fry the burger first...I form the burger to the squash "bowl", put all the stuff in the raw burger, put it in the oven...
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    How's your garden?

    Our garden is going okay...lots of maters little bigger than plum size, none ripe obviously. Weather has been cool this summer, so garden is really slow in maturing for every one around here. Beans are doing okay, potatoes are blooming, zuccini is PLENTIFUL...acorn squash and cucumbers are...
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    I see the SDRA has a reward offered for the low lifes who did this.... Really -- who thinks of these things??? Seriously??? How does something so sadistic cross anyone's mind??...my word.... We'll pray for Dully's recovery.....
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    Local salebarn

    My guess is that he did it to have some cash...if he was in bankruptcy, all his assets are tied up and he can't do anything with them without permission of the court. If the cattle get "stolen", well then bankruptcy court can't control them and pay creditors unless they are found. Also...