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    Any Veterinarians Want to Relocate to Montana?

    Ten years ago I taught a four day artificial insemination school at Fort Collins. We (total of 4 instructors) had 10 animal science seniors and 15 senior vet students in the class, and 30 ranch students. I learned that teaching a class that size is logistical nightmare, try finding 250 open...
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    Troy Marshall nailed it

    Having just finished my first week at a full time job in town, I can fully identify with his feelings, it is hard not to feel like a complete failure. I am working at the Soil Cconservation Districts and NRCS, one of my 'jobs' is to learn how to map and add soil types to the maps for what I am...
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    A few years ago there was a study out of Colorado State that said the largest contrubitor to high birth weights was the protein level fed in the second trimester. If you think about the timing of the 'fall flush' that a lot of areas get in the fall or when winter or fall feeding starts, it...
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    Peanut Butter RECALL

    When the recall came out we checked the labels on our jar, and sure enough there was the 2111 code. We looked in at the 10% of the jar left, laughed, and threw away the remainder. I guess since we are exposed to bugs at 20x the limit all the time out with the cattle, we don't think much about...
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    Teco head catch

    Having bred cows in well over 100 sets of corrals and the attached chutes, I can tell you that those old style Teco headstalls are some of the worst things to work cattle in around. I have reached the point that if I walk into a place for the first time and they have a Teco chute, I would...
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    Dead Man Walking

    for the support. Yesterday was one of the worst days I have had to live through. Reading your encouraging words last evening made the evening better. Today has also been wrenching because my father's widow insisted on the disbursements today. Not unrealistic, but when she tried to change the...
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    Dead Man Walking

    In my case: Ex rancher ranching. You know what is going to happen, when it is going to happen, and the final consequences of the action. You also know when it is final, you will never again own a piece of land large enough to run a herd of cows. In three hours I go in and sign the final...
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    Need Info please

    In order to make a guaranteed small fortune in ranching, start first with a large one. :lol: The best thing would be to visit a couple of ranches, that way you can get information straight from the rancher's mouth, especially about the area you are writing about. Information from me in...
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    Thanks Shortgrass for the analogy showing that true freedom lies in choosing to be by the Master's side.
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    Hoorah for these two girls...GOOD NEWS out of Denver

    A little more: the boys were not doing anything other than changing a flat tire. The driver of the SUV just was not paying attention. :mad:
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    EPD Basics

    T99 To find the contemporaries/herds, look at the bottom of the performance pedigree. There beside every epd column there is one labeled as conts/herds. This will go back 3 generations so you can see trends within that line of cattle. This is available in almost all the breeds that are...
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    Discussion point: Proven bulls

    The previous post on EPDs reminded me an an article from cattlenetwork.com that was on a couple of weeks ago. Thought I would post it to stimulate discussion. One question always asked: If you only use proven bulls, how do young ones become proven? I read another article this week that says...
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    EPD Basics

    If some EPD numbers catch my eye, I do further research. I look at the accuracy figures, then go deeper and look at the number of offspring, contemporaries, and to me the most important, THE NUMBER OF HERDS. There was a heavily pushed bull about 15 years ago that turned into a milk disaster...
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    Corny jokes and random ponderings

    The problem today is that tomorrow comes one day to soon.
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    Stinky calf

    Since the calf is a few days old I would look for a navel infection. I had one about 10 years ago that the smell was the first indication of a problem. Of course by that time it was to late. The calf was hard to catch until hours before the end. As far as the tail being chewed off, I have...
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    Good Sunday Mornin!

    Thanks shortgrass, needed that after another inch fell on top of the 18 inches already on the ground. It is sure beautiful though.
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    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Keep your head down and come home safely to your family. That is the most important thing.
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    Day at National Western

    We walked through the Magness cattle, they looked good. Everyone was busy washing, clipping, blowing, shoveling, rearranging, etc. They sure had a lot of cattle and people on both sides of that alleyway. When everyone is that busy, I don't even try to talk to them.
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    Day at National Western

    Spent the yesterday at NWSS, beautiful day, temps around 40 until 3pm, then it started getting cold in the yards. No crowds, the parking lots were mostly empty, had plenty of time to talk to cattle exhibitors and commercial exhibitors. :o Everyone is getting ready for the hard weather...
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    Storm worse than expected

    The latest from today's Rocky Mountain News This is just Colorado, the storm also hit Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma Panhandle and the Texas Panhandle. Wish we could do something in this situation besides pray. State, ranchers fear record loss of cattle Toll from snowstorms expected to rattle...