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    Pictures from our visit to the McGinnis Ranch near Baker City, Oregon - June 26, 2019

    very nice country and people I'm sure thanks for the time invested.
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    AN OLD COWBOY’S LAMENT By Steve Moreland, July 19, 2019

    I like that kinda like boots never had a hand made pair ordered some a few weeks ago took me years to bite the bullet but my feet hurt terrible at days end and a friend has these and swears by them so I traded a feeder calf for a pair we shall see.
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    one less problem

    mine all went to the neighbors yesterday so once caught and loaded I just turned out with cows 10 days early but next spring is going to be nice
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    Small ranch: Sell or keep heifers for beef

    yeah this place needs Cory back at least he would peck a fight and stir things up. Life's pretty short when you think about it.
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    Small ranch: Sell or keep heifers for beef

    oh you know build trailers run cows. A few weddings and 5 grand kids so busy busy our youngest son Lane graduated last year so he's working in the shop and on the farm. This place has sure fizzled from what it once was.
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    Small ranch: Sell or keep heifers for beef

    I myself would find a sucker and sell them all at a premium. Then I would buy some good angus cattle so the day you really need some money you will have a salable animal at you local livestock auction. If you don't need to make money then keep on keeping on and build a bull pen. Either get in...
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    INTERESTING ENCOUNTER AT THE SALE BARN, by Steve Moreland, September 8, 2018

    Today is opening bow season for deer and small game hunting also opened and in my fashion I'm haying yet on a DNR lease 3 truck loads of Hmong families wheeled into the parking area They were an ambitious group busy unloading and heading out in the woods I stopped to talk to them and let them...
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    automatic or standard

    friend has a 03 ford 6.0 diesel 330000 miles original trans and he's hard on it
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    My house sits 200 ft from the tracks they've been going by here steady all weekend track crews must have a few days off
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    Pictures from late March through mid April of 2018

    At least they were'nt cowdogs.
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    Heritability of phenotype.

    65% nutrition 35% genetics
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    Heritability of phenotype.

    you can't change them without changing them
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    thats how i used to think. 5 acres cost $2000 on the pile plastic $750
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    i'd only make the pile 4 or 5 ft tall we fed like that a few years and the pile was 12' tall well it collapsed and killed 10 cows on easter sunday. The mud where we are gets so bad the cows would bog down in the spring so we quit it and use a mixer wagon though the hot wire was handy the more...
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    Checking in! 2017 Update

    Congrats on the baby, It will work out fine. I'd delete the go fund me a little hardship develops character. Just let the stuff air out it'll be fine hell I've been sprayed twice in my life up close and personal.
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    Was 70° yesterday

    My wife asked when is it going to warm up I said Thursday about noon we will land in Miami FL should be sunny an 75 ha ha
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    Calving in the cold

    I've had 4 in the last month 2 were born on a negative 30 night out on the bedding pack with the rest of the cows . My plan for that day was move the cows to the corral and haul 3 of them home needless to say when I got there they were dried off up and nursing all 4 have been born on the...
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    it using the oven to help warm the house

    Woke up to 51 degrees f in the house sat morning fell asleep before my evening boiler fill but at -30 51 felt pretty warm when i got inside. Our house is big and heats hard so 54 -55 is a normal morning here in january
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    Lice control

    i've got a couple gallons of warbex here someone gave me bet that would work.
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    4-9wt calves

    We have all of our steer calves and 1/2 of the heifers yet. We are going to feed them until mid march. Corn silage,wet potatoes, DDG, ground hay,some ground corn and a mineral mix. My son is graduating high school this spring and I think a feedlot is the only thing that will keep him here as...