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    Live Osprey Cam

    Osprey Live Web Cam http://www.ferris.edu/htmls/colleges/artsands/biology/birdcam/index.html This is the live web cam at Ferris State University, the female just laid an egg today!!!!! interesting to watch
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    The Toronto Maple Leafs

    I Love THE TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS When the SHARKS are playing them.
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    By OldDog/NewTricks “V” and Banjo I have been watching V_Key playing with her New Puppy and having tons of fun.. http://ranchers.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=39060 That got me to thinking – “V” grew-up with animals and thanks to me knows the Value in Taking Good Care Of Them. I tried to teach...
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    V_Key's Newest Job

    Banjo hides under my bed
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    Easter Message just for U

    Click Here http://www.vutoh.com/egg.swf
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    Letter From the Past

    Envelope Letter
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    Equine Welfare - FYI

    Equine Welfare Alliance 3-18-09 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: John Holland 540.268.5693 [email protected] Vicki Tobin 630.961.9292 [email protected] The Snow Job in...
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    Shuttle launch

    A few years back I did a 4H exchange trip to Florida, the woke my up one mooring and asked if I wanted to see a shuttle launch. I jumped out of bed and ran for the TV _ They said NO - Just come to the back door _ it was just accost a little bay _ Beautiful but NOISY and their house Shook.
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    avilable funds--NIH is inviting animal community to apply

    FYI FW: $10B in avilable funds--NIH is inviting animal community to apply. Please forward to your friends who may be interested. There are several items related to the American Recovery and reinvestment Act of 2009 that have just been released in the NIH Guide. For additional information...
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    COOL Question???

    When is an answer NOT AN ANSWER???? V_Key, Thank you for your e-mailed question pertaining the Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) program. I am responding to your question on behalf of Associate Deputy Administrator William Sessions. The intent of COOL is to provide consumers with...
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    My Church

    Sunday AM's Riding my Horse through Holy Places In the Redwoods One can almost reach-out and "Touch God"
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    I'm finished With Classes _ Graduation in the Spring _ The best Part - NO College Debit - I want to buy a new car so got a credit report - 782 I just finished a Web Site for work http://www.devcon-const.com/home.html I want to get another Degree _ one in HR but I think I'll do this one Online...
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    I have been asked Why a Donation? I was NOT A Legal Cheese Factory. People would order Different Flavor Cheese's that I would give them and they would make Donations to my 4H Project.
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    Stray Pet Dog's

    California State Law says "On or about your property Worrying your Livestock" It used to say (3X the value) but now says (2X the Value) Value can = 2X's The cost of said animal + (and this gets tricky) any and all (Profit and Get) from said animal until it reaches the same age. If the said...
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    I sent this into Where in the World is Mat Louer

    The Most Alien-Looking Place on Earth http://www.darkroastedblend.com/2008/09/most-alien-looking-place-on-earth.html Google http://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=SOCOTRA+ISLAND&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8
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    Stray Pet Dog's

    Stray “Family Pet Dogs kill 4H Project I was in the market for a Ram _ I was at a Breeders Ranch as they unloaded their Montadale Sheep from the LA Fair. This Ram was advertised in a Nation Wide magazine for $2500. But came off the truck with a Broken Leg. I bought him as-is for my small...
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    Cowboy Turtle Association

    Dam V_Key was log-in If ask _ Are You A Turtle? You HAD to answer: You Bet Your Sweat Ass I Am! You had to answer NO MATTER where you wore OR Buy All The Turtles There A Drink. My Old Roommate "Sleepy Avant" joined just before Korean War Sleepy's leg was blown of just below the knee _ he was a...
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    Keep it out of Ranch Talk

    So Tell Me Does this just apply to us and not Jig's You keep letting him POST This Sasquatch has an ugly sister, and her name is Michelle Obama
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    Cloning Dumb?

    Cloning http://science.howstuffworks.com/genetic-science/missyplicity.htm
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    You Talk about something that should be in political...