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    Dead Man Walking

    In my case: Ex rancher ranching. You know what is going to happen, when it is going to happen, and the final consequences of the action. You also know when it is final, you will never again own a piece of land large enough to run a herd of cows. In three hours I go in and sign the final...
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    Discussion point: Proven bulls

    The previous post on EPDs reminded me an an article from cattlenetwork.com that was on a couple of weeks ago. Thought I would post it to stimulate discussion. One question always asked: If you only use proven bulls, how do young ones become proven? I read another article this week that says...
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    Day at National Western

    Spent the yesterday at NWSS, beautiful day, temps around 40 until 3pm, then it started getting cold in the yards. No crowds, the parking lots were mostly empty, had plenty of time to talk to cattle exhibitors and commercial exhibitors. :o Everyone is getting ready for the hard weather...
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    Storm worse than expected

    The latest from today's Rocky Mountain News This is just Colorado, the storm also hit Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma Panhandle and the Texas Panhandle. Wish we could do something in this situation besides pray. State, ranchers fear record loss of cattle Toll from snowstorms expected to rattle...
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    George, check PM this am

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    At a Loss

    Well it finally happened, after 3 years on the market, a buyer bought the place this past week. So now the place I have been raised on and came home to 33 years ago after college is now in some one else's hands. Long story short, despite 30 years of assurnaces from Dad that I was building...
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    Today's WSJ commentary

    I am posting this for your information as to what is being said out of NYC. Unfortunately the table mentioned did not copy from the email. REVIEW & OUTLOOK The Madness of Herds July 18, 2005; Page A12 Remember mad-cow disease -- how it was going to be the next AIDS epidemic? Back in...
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    Feeder: How was Las Vegas?

    We figure you made it to Las Vegas, did you have enough money left to get home, or did you have to take out another mortgage to cover the day at the tables and the gas for the way back? Hope it was a good relaxing trip.