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    Industrial-scale organic sets alarm bells ringing

    We grow organic corn and beans. We do it for one reason money. Last year $15 a bushel for beans and $6.30 for corn. The beans were for tofu and the corn went for chickens and diary. This is a big business and getting bigger. I dont know for sure how we will do on the farming side of it, but on...
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    Answer me this

    Why havent the chicken and pork boys started using this mad cow thing in their advertising?
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    Calf Prices Set New Records Each Week

    My grandpa used to tell about this sort of deal but this was back in the early 70s. I was about 10 at the time. They paid way to much for feeders market fell apart. Some held cattle for 3 years didnt work. Broke several banks here in Iowa. A lot of em brought in dozers and took out the cement...
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    Coast to Coast am tonight

    The first hour should be interesting. Web site www.coasttocoastam.com. This thing is going to get out of hand.
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    Enough is Enough. Gas prices

    Sometimes the government has to help look at what they did for the beef business in the last year or so. Also look how they have helped the grain farmers with price supports hasnt that worked well. So if they have to tell us what kind of cars to drive I guess they know best.
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    Enough is Enough. Gas prices

    I wonder just how many vehicles on the road, at this minute, are doing closer to 10 then `17mpg. We have to get that to at least 25 if not 30 or get ready for $3 a gallon.
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    Enough is Enough. Gas prices

    Agman; 15 mpg is not very good. I could get that with my 76 Nova which had a 350 in it back in high school.We have to do better or pay the price
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    Enough is Enough. Gas prices

    Hi Tom; Agree with you. We just got back from the amish area took a load of round bales. The guy that got the hay was wondering about the gas mileage of the truck I just smiled and said you know how bad it is. Saudis just said on the news they were going to pump at full bore, stupid people dont...
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    Enough is Enough. Gas prices

    Very well put sms and Iam from Iowa. There are so many things we could be doing here to save fuel not any of them real big, but it all adds up. Is it to late??
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    Enough is Enough. Gas prices

    Jason; With $4 dollar gas alot of people wont have to worry about getting to work. Agman becareful about China they are going to put this country out of business. Had a bag of orchard grass what did it say on the bag you guessed it Made in China.l
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    Enough is Enough. Gas prices

    Very well put Jason. China and India want it all. This country the (US) is in big trouble $4 gas will bring this to a dead stop. We are at peak oil right now which means the easy stuff to get is almost gone. Those SUVs sure like the gas and 99% of the time a Geo Metro would do the job at about...
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    Schuler feed wagon?

    I called the company today around $12000 list. Seems alittle pricey to me. Guess will get the torch and welder going and do some patching.
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    Schuler feed wagon?

    Anybody priced a new one? We have a 175 which needs some patching but just curious if a person could get a new one for about $4500 :lol: Thanks
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    What's the real story on Oregon ranchers and midd schoolers?

    Before this is all over were all going to look like a bunch of Idiots. I have never seen an industry with so many problems as this beef thing has. It never ends. Next it will be why $1.50 600 pound feeders are not making any money when the heavy market goes to 68. Eat more pork,no Mad Cow.