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    Helped shipping some calves

    Has a fine morning helping a great friend ship his calves today. Was a frosty 7 above when I left the house to head the 72 miles down to his place. But the day was sure pretty We sorted a few heavy steers off to make the buyer happy. Nice corrals and alleys sure make sorting and shipping go...
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    Moonlight horses

    The old moon is full and sure shiny this evening on the desert. We ran a yearling bull over to the vet for a semen and trich test and it was dark when we got home. Had to snap a silhouette shot of the horses and their lunar night light
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    1st 2021 calf

    We had our first one hit the ground. Out of a great old cow I bought as a heifer from one of my mentors who passed away a few years ago. I kept her bull calf from last year a bull and I sure like him too. This heifer calf is about two weeks early but all was well. She is really vigorous and...
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    Littlest H is a beast

    I hope y’all don’t mind if I brag a little on my son. He started wrestling this year as a freshman having never ever wrestled before. He has work his tail feathers off to learn and be fit and strong. Ranch work helps for sure but he has been so good about not eating and drinking crap like fast...
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    Pretty way to end the day

    These January days have been cold but dry. The snow we have has about disappeared on the valley floor. As I fed the stock tonight God surely painted a magnificent picture.
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    New Year- Here's to Hope

    Perspective is an interesting thing. For a lot of folks 2020 has been filled with challenges and trials and strife. My heart goes out to people who have lost jobs or worse, loved ones to covid. What's interesting to me is how our perspective changes depending on where we happen to be looking...
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    Merry Covid Christmas

    Littlest H tested positive for covid yesterday. He picked it up at a wrestling tournament. So far he just has head cold type symptoms. And the four of us are in quarantine for the next 7-10 days. We will ride this out and be fine. But it should make for an interesting couple of weeks. Wanted to...
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    Some dreams die

    We spent a chilly day on the desert looking for the last three pair that my cousin is out. Covered lots of country on the wheelers but didn’t find the cows. Did see a wonderful old abandoned ranch and took a few pictures. Would of been a neat place to see when folks still called it home. Had my...
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    A pretty heifer

    I think this is about as pretty of a heifer as I’ve raised. Her grand dam was a cow I bought from a neighbor as a weaned calf. She gave me 15 calves in 16 years. Kept a daughter out of her and this heifer is out of her and a Sim/Angus bull. She is going to be bigger that I’d ideally like for our...
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    Fall supper

    It’s been mild. But the high desert always has a chill when the sun sets this time of year. A campfire is always welcome. I love beef for sure. But a nice, hot, ranch raised lamb chop is a wonderful treat. Can y’all imagine that some folks in cities have never cooked supper over a campfire????
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    Mom’s hunt

    My amazing Mother will Be turning 76 in a few weeks. She drew a buck deer permit for our mountain and she sure was excited all summer for fall to arrive for her hunt. She hasn’t slowed down very much but long hikes in steep country do take a toll. I had the privilege to be able to help her. My...
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    Fall sunset

    I was coming down a canyon last week as the sun set. Cottonwood trees and oaks were wearing their finest fall gowns, and the sunset was pretty nice too. Even the sage and mahogany trees on the desert have their own quiet beauty. It twas a fine evening
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    Easy fix for a lot of problems today

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    Our amazing flag

    Professional athletes are kneeling because of some social cause. It’s turned me off from even watching sports on TV. While the freedom of speech covers that behavior, the dishonor they do to our flag and, indirectly, our veterans is disgusting to me. We had the chance to go to The PRCA extreme...
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    Brought my cows home early

    Well in the time I’ve been away from this site, a few things have changed. But the constant is it’s dry out here as always. Grass is in tough shape and with no rain since May I brought my cows home early. They look pretty good for the year but the grass comes first. Have them on a meadow now til...
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    Got a bear in Utah

    Howdy all. Look forward to seeing how the new site goes. I had the opportunity to hunt for bears in SE Utah this summer/fall. What a great time with my family. Killed a great brown color phase bear with my muzzy.
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    Merry Christmas

    Its Christmas eve 2018. Cant believe how quick this year has passed. Wanted to send out a Merry Christmas from the desert, to all our ranchers friends. Hope y'all have time to spend with loved ones. And may 2019 treat you kindly and much success comes to the beef industry. Thanks for your...
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    I spent the day hauling wood and was alone with my thoughts. I pondered a while, on all the blessing I have in my life. How thankful I am for the freedom I enjoy by living is this great country. How thankful I am to live far from big cities and have the peace and solitude that this desert...
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    2018 life from the Leanin' H

    Its been a dry year on our old desert. Everyone has suffered from lack of grass and water. But all a guy can do is keep working and improving and relying on the Good Lord. Had a good cow calve and got a pretty Angus/Hereford cross heifer calf. She is out of Ned Jr's great Hereford bull...
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    Looking for some grass

    I know this is a longshot but I am in need of some summer and fall grass in 2019. I recently lost a leased pasture that was sold. I had the chance to match the selling price, but no matter how sharp I sharpened my pencil, I couldn't make it work for me. I also have some leased ground that I used...