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    Silver's holliday

    A braggart is much like a mutt dog, Cuz when all of his yelpin' is done, If you'll watch him a little while, He'll lick himself-with his tongue.
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    Looking for hamburger recipes!!

    Like I told my Dad, still haven't found a fork handle that fits my hand!!
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    Dumber than the passing out game!

    What tempts a person so much to bloat his stomach up with air to get high? Eat some beans and cabbage and find out what air in the stomach is all about. My experience it means a night on the couch!
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    The passing out game!

    I read this morning that kids in Wisconsin are eating loco weed and mushrooms trying to get high. Sad state of affairs.
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    Looking for hamburger recipes!!

    Just one question??? WHAT TIME'S SUPPER!!!!
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    Would love to see the outcome of the same poll taken by The Washington Post and The New York Times!!
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    Alberta to Secede from Canada?

    I live in Colorado and sympathize with those who feel they are not represented unless you live in the urban sprall. Developers build in around established ranches and farms and wait for another farmer or rancher to sell his "unprofitable", land to stick his chai tea drinkin sushi eating...