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    Feeding the cows

    We started feeding the February and March calvers a little this week. We are giving them 1 bale of oats hay, 1 bale of grass/clover hay, and 1 bale of sudan grass. This only comes to about 10 lbs a piece. They have lots of grass still standing in the pasture, but since we are on the third...
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    Video of Customers Bred Heifers

    Last fall and winter we purchased on order close to 1000 head of replacement heifer calves for Summit Farms from our bull customers. They sold the first 200 head for an average of $3475 last week. Here is a video of what they have left. I think they are pretty darn impressive. Click on the...
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    Red Angus bred heifers

    Have to say congrats to Summit Farms out of IA/NE. Last fall they gave us an order for top quality replacement heifers from our bull customers. They purchased close to 1000 head with us buying close to 800 head on order. Today they sold the first group at auction, 200 head. The first 50 sold...
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    The last couple summers have been crazy as far as moisture goes. Last summer, starting mid May and ending with the October blizzard, we had 33 inch of rain. So far, since the last week of April, we have had 14 inches of rain. In June alone, we have had right at 10 inches. The pastures and...
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    A few photos from this past week

    Moving heifers out after we ultrasound preg check Grandpa and Hudson on Murphy Our Winter Triticale the day we cut it.
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    Calf Prices! WOW!!!

    We had a customer sell on Superior today so I hung out and watched the sale for a while. These prices are amazing, on all classes of cattle! Our customer sold 5 loads weighing 610 lbs and they got $237.50, and then they sold 1 load weighing 510 lbs and got $257.50! If I remember correct, last...
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    Customers calves sold on Superiors Country Page

    A good customer from CO just sold on Superior's country page this AM. They will be early Oct delivery, suppose to weigh 650 lbs, and just sold for $2.12. We have another customer from western SD who listed them on the country page as well. I just placed a bid on them on order, weighing 660...
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    A bull we purchased

    We purchased this guy from Klompien Red Angus at Manhattan, MT. He is a powerful bull we plan to use on cows. He is out of a top cow line as well. CE: 2 BW: .8 WW: 60 YW: 105 Milk: 22 TM: 52 Stay: 11 IMF: .85 REA: .64
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    Yearling bull photos

    Lot 116 Lot 117 Lot 118 Lot 120 Lot 125 This guy is 1/2 Red Angus and 1/2 Simmental
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    Congrats Mrnak Hereford Ranch!!!

    They had a heck of a bull sale today. They sold 86 Two-year old Hereford bulls for $7450!!!
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    2 more bull photos

    Lot 62 Lot 72
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    Anyone else feel like they got insulted with the Coke commercial yesterday during the game?
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    another group of bull photos

    Lot 13 Lot 22 Lot 32 Lot 51
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    2 year Old bull Photos

    Its that time of the year again. Took photos and made the catalog, so I thought I would post some bull photos here. LMG GILLS DIESEL 2606 Reg. # 1594712 BD: 6/4/2012 BW: 87 lbs WW: 747 lbs Lot 4 LMG GILLS DIAMOND BACK 2059 Reg. # 1545507 BD: 3/24/13 BW: 73 lbs WW: 623 lbs Lot 5 LMG...
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    Several of you have asked for our catalog, so I though I would post it on here. Click on the link and it will take you to it. http://www.gillredangus.com/marketing.html Thanks, Bryan
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    Replacement heifer sale yesterday

    Yesterday at Mobridge Livestock there was a Red Angus replacement heifer sale, during the regular sale. It was a super day for our customers. Check out these prices. Town Almont 67 Red Hfrs 723 1625.00 Firesteel 77 Red Hfrs 678...
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    bull photos

    We are working on our sale catalog and finished photos last weekend. Here are a few of the photos. Click on the link if you would like to have a look. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152152863968970.1073741838.145126118969&type=3
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    Customers sold today - WOW

    Had a bull customer sell today at Hub City Livestock. Boy this market is hot!!! They sold a load of steers weighing 748 lbs for $176.50. But the Heifers stole the show. They had a load that weighed 663 lbs, they sold them by the head, and they got $1575 for them! We purchased on order again...
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    New song by Ray Stevens

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    replacement heifers

    The prices for these good replacement heifers are pretty crazy. We had another customer sell yesterday. They weighed 500 lbs and they got $252.50/cwt!!! I don't remember a Red Angus heifer bring under steer price, most have been at least $20/cwt higher. Have another customer selling...