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    Hey, Soap!

    Hey, Soap! I wanted to pass this tidbit along to you, but the Facebook crowd can get their panties in a wad quite easily, and I thought the audience here might be a tad more sympathetic. I got a flyer in the mail today from a local land broker, which isn't uncommon. I'm not looking for anymore...
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    Poor Fig

    Looks like some 300 pounders, a new QB, and a former Husker took Poor Fig's words to heart AGAIN and stopped him from beating the Broncos. At least he wasn't dressed like Trayvon and bolted from the presser this time. Maybe he's starting to come around? It was nice to see Jano pull an...
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    Buetler & Son Rodeo Company

    Just put out that they are looking for full time help at the ranch in Elk City, OK, on their Facebook page with the same name. Contact info is listed. For what it's worth.
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    Red Forks Bale Bumpers

    Manufactured by Western Welding in Cordell, OK. Anybody have any experience with these? Your bed isn't all junked up, they come with box corner/tail light protectors, and they aren't horribly expensive. Thinking pretty seriously about getting one. Looks like just the ticket for moving the...
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    Anybody Else

    Seen the pic floating around on the web of the check Drumpf wrote to the Clinton Foundation in November, 2015? Whether it's legit or not, he's damn sure done it before. Must be how New York liberals cover their backsides. I'm sure it's just "the cost of doing business". Great...
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    On the Lighter Side

    Were you aware that every United States Senator receives every month, free of charge and unsolicited, the latest issue of Hustler magazine, courtesy of Larry Flynt/Flynt Publications? Not sure if Larry does the same on the House side or not. The Butcher of Benghazi probably went through it from...
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    #27. You will be missed.
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    Would Ivanka Drumpf be hosting a $5200 per head fundraiser, in her Park Avenue, Manhattan, home, for Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker (D)? Booker is running in a special race for a Senate seat in NJ that was vacated by the death of the previous Senator. Her daddy is the Democrat lite nominee, and...
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    Washington Whispers

    Talked to #1 last night. Besides the phones ringing off the hook with 99% pro 2nd Amendment callers and 1% gun control lunatics, she had other news to report. Seems that there are whispers on the Hill that the orange colored con artist will NOT be coming out of Cleveland the GOP nominee...
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    Death Threat

    A "friend" that lives down in Georgia messaged me today. We've been acquainted for close to 20 years via an internet forum such as this one. I've tried to give him good advice throughout the years, especially as he went through a horrible divorce and then sued for (and got) custody of his...
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    "BOOM!" #GBR
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    I'll Post Here, I Guess

    This week is truly ending on a sh!tty note. I lost my oldest brother in early November of last year to cancer. This past Wednesday, Brother #2 decided to have a massive heart attack & drop dead. No brothers left now, just one sister. I'm quickly running out of family to fight with. I get to...
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    Just got done watching the rebroadcast of First Lady Nancy Reagan's funeral on C-Span. As I watched the attendees go through the family's receiving line after the service, I couldn't help but wonder how distasteful it was for SheMan Moochelle, future Leavenworth resident Hillary, and that...
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    Stay Classy, SEC

    And the latest chapter in the Supporting Everything Criminal criminal enterprise... The fiasco at Tennessee... so classy even the HC has to tune on one of his players. :lol:
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    A Question

    While watching the Taters play Arkansas, there was an unfortunate incident where an Arkansas player was hit and had to be carted off the field to the hospital. The replay of the hit was shown numerous times...and after watching Nate Gerry get called for targeting and ejected after making a...
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    We Lost One Tuesday

    LOOMIX dealer Jay Huesser of Preston, Idaho, was killed in a single vehicle accident Tuesday morning in Box Elder county, Utah, on I-84. Reports weren't very clear, but apparently at a minimum a front tire blew out or otherwise separated from the delivery truck he was driving. The vehicle...
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    Advice for Mike & Jigs

    Don't quit your day jobs. Your football prognostication skills are like a lot of sportswriters....subpar. You did have the officiating crew on your side, though. Nebraska 37 UCLA/ACC refs 29 Feeling the burn? Apply more cream. :lol:
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    National Champions

    In 3 sets. All time attendance record in America for a volleyball match. Proud of our girls. There is no place like Nebraska. Go Big Red!
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    Say It Ain't So II

    Conference with the most teams in the Top 25? Let's just say if you guessed any conference but the B1G...you'd be WRONG. CBS Sports agrees that the B1G is the best conference in college football this year.
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    Say It Ain't So!

    Guess what conference is the best in the nation as we speak, according to SEC analyst and head SEC shill Paul Finebaum? 24/7 Sports has the dirt. First Cowherd, now Finebaum going off the reservation? Blasphemous! :lol2: