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    Can't be Good for Consumer Confidence

    Wasn't there a"cluster" of CJD cases in the states awhile back. Can't remember where but wasn't there a racetrack connection?
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    Can't be Good for Consumer Confidence

    Preliminary LHSC lab tests processed yesterday produced a negative result, meaning that a diagnosis of CJD is less likely. Oldtimer, do you ever post follow up stories if they are different from the ones with the sensational headlines that you like to find ?
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    Many Canadian ranchers now just 'hired hands'

    I think Hay Maker needs a little help, no make that a LOT of help. His comments to Tam are very much out of line. Sure doesn't say much for his mentality.
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    Well Miss Tam

    Haymaker, I fail to see what Tam said that makes her look stupid! There is a lot of truth in what she says. It always seems easier for some people to blame others for everything and take no responsibility for their actions.
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    Quote from Japan

    Japan wasn't suprised. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/getarticle.pl5?nn20050626a5.htm
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    10501 R-Calf members?

    Even if they have 16700 members it is still such a small percentage of cattlemen in the US.
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    If there are 850000 cattlemen then less than 2 percent belong to R-calf. Sounds like 98% of the cattlemen think for themselves !!
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    Can anyone tell me how many cattlemen there are in the US ? I would think 16,700 is a pretty small percentage !
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    Canada Five-Fold behind U.S. in BSE Testing

    A judge that is in R-Calf's pocket ??
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    List of Terms I Love to Hate

    THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX and EXACTLY are the two that bug me the most. " Politically correct" should be done away with. It seems a person has to be so careful of what we say we might as well just keep our mouths shut.
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    More of R-calfs work on behalf of US producers

    But we know who the judge will be so the trial is a waste of time.
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    In the news

    R-Calf is a joke too. The only thing is they have a judge in their pocket !!
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    Montana Judge Sets July Hearing on Canada Cattle

    What I understand is that Cebull will preside over the July court hearing also. I wonder why they bother as he already has his mind made up (or made up for him) I can only hope that our government will finally get it's head out of the sand and agree to start testing and expand our markets and...
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    82 Organizations Support House Resolution to Protect U.S. Be

    I did the grocery shopping today. For the first time I paid close attention to the sale flyers to see where the produce originated. Then I brought home what was grown in Canada, Australia and Chile. The lettuce and Strawberries from Califonia and Tomatoes from Florida stayed in the store even...
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    I wish R-calf would explain what the difference is if the UTM cattle cross the border alive or in boxes ! I would rather we get more slaughter plants built up here and keep the border closed. We should do more testing and find new markets. Relying on the US as a trading partner is foolish (...
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    Canadian Beef Rally

    We have mandatory licence & insurance on vehicles, gas tax, cigarette tax, booze tax, everything is taxed. We pay more for our gas than you do for the same gas that we ship down there because it is taxed higher here.
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    Canadian Beef Rally

    We pay Federal IncomeTax, Provincial Income Tax, GST ( 7% on Good and Services, except food) in most provinces there is a provincial sales tax of around 7 % on good and services. Then there is a municipal & education tax on property.
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    Border Poll

    Doesn't anyone realize that a large percentage of our calves have been finished and crossed the border in boxes? The only 3 year old calves up here are replacement heifers.
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    My Husband's Near Death Experience

    My husband took me out for supper and forgot his wallet. The thought was there even if I had to pay. Guess it all comes out of the same pocket anyway. :roll: