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  1. H

    Moving day

    Preaching to the choir I know, but the fastest way to move cattle is a tad slower than they want to travel. Processing maybe a click slower than that. I'm grateful I have lived long enough to see this proven over and over. While shipping some fall pairs home last week a bull got out through...
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    What H said. Big chunk of the west has had a breeze for a while, relentless. My brother who lives in Wyoming said he is tired of wind, and he usually doesn't notice it...
  3. H

    Your Favorite Ranch Workhorse Pickup?

    I grew up using a '53 International one ton 2wd. No extra power but tough, hauled a ton of feed and rode better. Folks bought a '73 Travelall to use for a rural bus route,that 345 v-8 was a beast. Since IHC quit the pickup business we have gone the same way as Evans and I got lucky enough to...
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    Your Choice In Cattle?

    True story, Evans. Outcross genetics? My Dad was raised with Herefords and when he took the place on he bought a (gasp) Angus bull. Bought Hereford heifers and black bulls for quite some time. About the time the last neighbor who still ran straight Herefords bought a black heifer bull Dad...
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    What is your opinion on trying to broadcast alfalfa into established grass?

    Ain't such a thing as watering lightly with a sideroll, unless someone has a different sprinkler package than I have seen.
  6. H

    Early Risers?

    Any liquid will do at my place. I don't get up real early every morning, but I fall asleep thinking of the next days tasks. That generally has me awake before 6, standard time. Some days I have been at a while by then.
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    Your Choice In Cattle?

    I don't own any cows currently, but if I did, I would like a a 1/4 Hereford-1/4 Shorthorn- 1/2 Red Angus cow to use 1/4 and 3/8th's black Simmental bulls on. Just my thoughts, but that ought to take advantage of all the hybrid vigor there is. My favorite color is alive...
  8. H

    Our Colorado Governor And Meat-Out Day

    I would settle for six months, let the dust settle, then start over again. As long as politicians include whoever's fabricating all this money, and I mean all of it.
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    OUR 1980 RED FORD F150 PICKUP By Steve Moreland – March 14, 2021

    I have a similar 1980 F-150 parked here. Not nearly as attractive as a red one. Brown and white, it spent 14 years working on a neighboring potato farm. My nephew bought it when they sold out and after some repair he drove it to high school and college. My Dad bought it from him 15 or so...
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    It would be interesting to know how many calves this system froze, what I hear locally, it's been the challenge you would expect. What I have read, it's been that for a lot more folks than generally need to expect that result. Been warmer here for 2 and a half days. Some mud this afternoon...
  11. H

    What's the weather like at your place?

    Red Robin, that's too cold. Minus 15 here when the wind kicked up. Coldest this 8 day stretch has felt. Good for the market, not so much for the producers. To quote Soap, "this too, shall pass." I am ready. It's burning through 90 days of the best stalk grazing I've ever seen, and a fair...
  12. H


    Is helping harvest hay on your summer schedule? We do see cattle on occasion. Kinda kidding, but not really. I'm probably not far enough west for what you have in mind. Ranching is a pretty diverse business, and cows are supposed to be doing their own work in the summer, with some supervision.
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    I was told the fastest way to get a cow to do something is to wait for them to figure out what needs done, same applies to where they should be.
  14. H

    What's the weather like at your place?

    We had a skiff of snow last night, sure helped with the dust. Almost no wind today, that's written down for sure.
  15. H

    What's the weather like at your place?

    Mild temperatures here, but persistent wind. Not horrid, but we have seen some "I ain't ever seen that befores". Electric fence posts are getting stretched out flat with corn fodder. North side of every tree row is decorated and the power lines have the occasional corn stalk draped on them...
  16. H

    Merry Covid Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all from our corner of the world, the corone is on the decline in Nebraska currently. Cows don't seem to care about it much. Best wishes H and family.
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    First generation

    I'll second Big Muddy's advice. It pays better to help with someone else's cattle year to year, and experience is worth way more than iron that needs maintained. I started working off the home operation when I was 15, 40 some years later I just about have it figured out. You might benefit...
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    Our weather cooled off yesterday after 70 Wednesday which is about 30 degrees above normal. The cattle seemed to enjoy it, they have too much hair for the warm temperatures. They were drinking double what they normally do this time of year which kept the water hauling busy. I finally got some...
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    Mid 40's for high temps here, but anything above freezing works for me. We don't need many fronts coming through, too much loose dirt for the wind to move.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    To one and all. I'm truly thankful for the exact same things I was 40 years ago, won't be around in 40 more. My point is the real important things don't change. Happy Thanksgiving friends.