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    9/11 Truthers thread

    UA Flight 93 1996 Boeing 757-222 N591UA AA Flight 77 1991 Boeing 757-223 N644AA UA Flight 175 1983 Boeing 767-222 N612UA AA Flight 11 1987 Boeing 767-223ER N334AA http://aviation-safety.net/database/dblist.php?Year=2001&lang=&page=2 Fleet lists http://www.geocities.com/~aeromoe/fleets/...
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    Iodine in short supply

    I guess the government has made it hard for cattlemen to get iodine even though the cattle industry has used iodine for like a hundred years. Sodium iodide for treating lumpy jaw intraveneously is in short supply this year. The vet said it works as an antibiotic and he may use LA200 in the...
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    S.O.B. Stew

    Has anybody here ever made S.O.B. stew? How young a calf can you make it from? Should you worry about ingesting vaccines from the meat?