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    Turned out on “grass”, right or wrong

    Our grass is really slow as well. Dry and cold doesn't grow much grass.
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    Livestock Auction Website

    Every bull sale in Canada was on line this spring and last. I still like to go to the sale and did make one this spring but thousands of dollars were spent on bulls on line. Some looked at them before the sale others relied on the reputation of the seller to describe the animal or had...
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    Took a Drive

    You find those Convention Centers in the darndest places.
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    Question on fertilizing hay meadows

    I was just visiting on another site about this. 28-0-0 has nitrate in it and will fry the plant. Melt 46-0-0 (2 tonnes per 800 gallons of water). Urea will not hurt the plant. 4X more efficient than putting in the soil. 1 gallon gives 1.8 pounds of N (equivalent of putting 7.2 in the soil)...
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    Question on fertilizing hay meadows

    That was Mountain Cowgirl that mentioned that. These might work https://maybridgeharrows.com/
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    Wind out of the east today. They say we are to get rain tomorrow. Hope we don't get disappointed again.
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    Farmer's and Rancher's daughters

    I have been told it is a version of Paul Harvey's God Made a Farmer
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    Ranchers And The NFR

    That's what neighbors are for.
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    Farmer's and Rancher's daughters

    I don't know who wrote this but they were spot on. Red Robin's thread fits this to a Tee God needed an extra-little someone who wouldn’t be afraid to run barefoot around the land that He created. Someone to hold baby kittens, bottle feed baby calves, and ride ponies until it was too dark to see...
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    Question on fertilizing hay meadows

    You don't need to own the equipment. There is probably somebody that owns what you need and can be hired. Cheaper then owning the equipment yourself. My son sprayed out some hay last year and drilled in Oats and peas. Unless it's rough and needs working down you will be amazed at what some...
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    Question on fertilizing hay meadows

    Since you can irrigate what about looking at spreading some red clover in the mix. or some legume that works in your area. Red clover seems finer and more like Alfalfa then Yellow Blossom which I hate. Even some Alfalfa since you can water it in.
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    Out the window pictures- sale barn trip

    Y You sounded a little excited at those goat prices, Getting back in the business?😉🤣
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    Question on fertilizing hay meadows

    If your spraying on or broadcasting you might as well just use N. Phos won't move down to the roots unless knifed it. There is a liquid https://www.agroliquid.com/.
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    What Old Ranch Tools do you have and use?

    It looked smoky when you were here.
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    Livestock Auctions And Sales

    Great story H, Never seen that happen. I've been around livestock auctions my whole life. I was pretty little when one of the yardmen at Moose Jaw yards used to carry me around. My Dad was such a regular at Assiniboia Livestock. Had his name on the side of the building for a parking spot. Mom...
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    Turned out on “grass”, right or wrong

    Yes it's tough to know what's right. It's nice to let the grass get a head start but if you have some old grass it may help hold them.
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    Cowboy Hat Or Baseball Cap?

    All I can say is that hat don't make the cowboy. I enjoy wearing a good felt or straw but it it don't make diddle bit of difference working cows.
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    Mustang Pictures

    Looking pretty good, Lots of color. Thanks for posting,
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    What Old Ranch Tools do you have and use?

    Don't hold your breath, He's been going to help Gcreek hay for years😊🤣
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    Branding season pictures

    That's a lot of calves in one day for a table. It you had the help a two table set up would be nice.