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    Denny - Belarus 5460 - what's it worth?

    Going to look at one in the morning. 142 hours. Cab, Allied loader with bucket and forks. Always in a shed, pictures show immaculate condition. What were these worth new? It's a 2003 model. Asking $19800. I am aiming for $15k.
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    Carcass results interpretation

    I've gotten back some carcass results on some of our calves from 2010. I am not a feedlot guy so I'm not really in tune with what ribeye sizes are average and exceptional or what is the desire backfat thickness. So opinions and advice are welcome.
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    Auction pricing pocketbook

    Anyone every seen one of these for sale? Its very simple. Lists the weight on top of each page (goes 5 pound increments each page)and then underneath lists the price per pound and resulting gross price. One fellow that comes to the local mart has one and it's a lot faster for getting an idea...
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    Internet Sale

    Our local community-owned sales barn is having it's first internet sale today (and based on cost, it's only one). You can find it here: http://www.cattleinmotion.com/event/rainy-river-stocker-sale About 1738 head expected. Right now there are 165 kill cows, 18 kill bulls, 380 yearlings and...
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    Solar aerator

    Anyone have a line on a reasonably priced solar aeration unit for dugouts?
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    Quick question for the solar watering guys

    Putting in a gravity-fed wet well tomorrow. Wondering what type of pipe should be used for the intake. I bought a roll of 4" solid drain pipe, but am wondering if it will provide a good enough seal around the entrance to the well or if the possibility of it crushing it is too great. I'm...
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    Class License for Trailer

    This is a question I have been wondering about for quite some time and was reminded about when Bill Homans got ticketed for hauling the neighbors cows. What is the license class required to pull, say a 20' steel cattle trailer, in your respective province? I am thinking MB/SK/AB here but other...
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    Winter water ideas

    Need some winter watering set-up ideas for remote locations. Drought this past year really buggered up grazing plans, so some investment is needed this year on the water side. All possible locations have no hydro or existing well/pressure system and I would like all to be designed to function...
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    Very sad news

    I don't know if any of our Minnesota or Wisconsin friends on here knew him, but I was just told tonight that Dr. Jon Fistler, previously of Lake Country Veterinary Service in Albany, MN, committed suicide today. He moved into my neck of the woods this year to continue being a DVM and be closer...
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    Trailer refurbishment

    Has anyone had their stock trailer re-painted? If so, what is the ball-park cost? Looking at a neighbor's 1988 7x18 Norbert trailer that needs some TLC and is being sold by auction in the spring. Needs 4 new tires and rims, brakes, lights, a paint job and a little bit of steel replacement...
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    Mycotic Pneumonia

    Anyone familiar with this form of pneumonia? Was trying to diagnose a 10 month old 650lb 'healthy' steer that died today. Was fine up till yesterday when he went off feed and had bloody mucous discharge coming from his nose. This morning, dead as dead can be. Reading my Merck Vet Manual, it...
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    For N.AZRancher

    This is the feed tag that relates to the mineral cost thread about a month ago and what the make up of my mineral was. http://ranchers.net/photopost/showfull.php?photo=10784
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    Vermeer 605J

    Anyone have any experience with the 605J? I am looking into buying one at a price too good to pass up. http://winnipeg.kijiji.ca/c-ViewAdLargeImage?AdId=209629684 Coming from a 1972 605C, I'm not too familiar with fancy electronic balers like this. Did all of the newer balers have a...
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    Vaccine inquiry

    Is there a modified-live VL5 vaccine available? I was looking at VibroShield + L5, but it's killed. I just need the VL5. Already have the modified-live 5 way respiratory with Arsenal 4.1
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    What do you do?

    Wondering what most on here do when they have a calf that won't suck all teats. Have an 8 year old cow with big stout month old bull calf, calf only sucks one tit. Have milked out the cow for the 4th time today, and actually dipped the one tit he does suck, in a mixture of pine tar and lard...
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    The bull

    In reference to comments made in the 'what do you think?' and 'bull development' threads, this is the bull that is being referred too. I just copied and pasted this from CT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is one of my first...
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    New bull

    Left on the 5th for Lloydminster, AB and got back on the 10th. 1800+ mile round trip. It was worth it. :cowboy: H70-QUANTOCK FP 422T Born on March 20, 2007. A real moderate muscle bound bull. His sire is a 3/4 brother to NR's Lad 20P bull and has 8020 on both sides of his...
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    Ritchie waterer question

    Can't find the sheet of specs for our Ritchie Model 3F waterer. Water bowl sprung a leak (pretty well rusted out) and wondering if I can replace the entire upper assembly (bowl, float, float cover, etc.) with one from the new 3E series. Anyone have the specs on the 3F model?
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    Local sales barn

    Pics of our local salesyard on from last Sunday. Calf sale was the day before. This is the largest sales barn, based on capacity, in Ontario. 1500+ head went through the ring. 1100 Calves, 212 yearlings, 12 cull bulls and the rest in cull cows. Neighbours had 8 late-March/early April...
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    Remitall Dispersal - Catalogue Brochure

    In case anyone is interested: http://www.buyagro.com/cats/2008/remitallbrochure08/index.htm