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    JD 7030 series tractors

    Anyone running the newer JD's....either the 20 or 30 series.Was offered a decent deal on a new 7230 FWA. It is priced similar to to other Mfg. models that are equipped the same.....FWA,HD loader w/ grapple & soft ride loader suspension. The appealing part of JD is that they retain their sale...
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    Solar water systems

    It's beginning to look grim for water supplies this year......little snow & no runoff. We're looking into solar pumping setups for our dugouts and would appreciate any feedback on systems that you are familiar with. We do have some cows on a pipeline system & realize the value of clean fresh...
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    Calgary won't be in Calgary!!

    The Stampeders fell 27- 17 to the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the Western Final with the Riders moving to the Grey Cup next Sunday in Calgary against Montreal. Life is good!!! 8) 8) 8) :D :D
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    Nicky ........& Yanuck

    Went to the Johnston bull sale today and got a pleasant surprise when Shane Whiteman showed up........up for the Easter weekend & the sale. It's been quite a while since I've seen him......anyways he says hi to Nicky after I told him about the Basin thread awhile back. 8) Yanuck..........is...
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    Congrats Mrs. Greg

    Calgary Stampeders- Grey Cup Champs!!!! Guess Mairi's buying the drinks for everyone! :wink: Our roughies just couldn't hold it together this year so actually had to hold my nose & cheer for your team :???: :lol:
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    Hey Mrs. Greg!!!!!!!!!!

    That was quite a squashing that Calgary laid on Saskatchewan!!!NOT :D :shock: .....49 to 8 for the roughies!!! Is that perhaps the real reason you're leaving Alberta for parts unknown??? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Dear Ms Judith

    SK. Immigration and Border Security Regional Office Big Muddy P.O.; SK. Dear Ms. Judith; We regret to inform you that your application for residency has been denied due to the fact that the name "Judith" is already being used in the province. There is also the matter of internet terrorism...
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    Hey BMR

    I didn't get the phone call about a new bull so I guess I didn't win huh?? Was the drawmaster as ruthless as last year?? Or was she kind and maybe I can expect a prize in the mail!! :lol: :lol: :wink:
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    Who on Ranchers will be attending Agribition in Regina this week and for what days........could be a chance for some to link up! BTW BMR will be buying drinks on Friday night...........all you gotta do is show up and maybe buy a ticket on your choice of the pen bull show and he'll gladly buy...
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    Weather Forecasts

    Weather is the ONE topic that everyone loves to talk and speculate about!Who do you rely on for weather forecasts and how accurate are they? Perhaps you would also like to get into weather folklore; (some feel its more accurate :wink: ). For our own local forecasts I prefer internet reports by...
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    BMR -weather????

    BMR; Are you picking anything up tonight.....looked like a pretty good chance on the supper weather news! Maybe tomorrow too! It's kind of your turn!!
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    Wide pickups vs. gathering wheels

    My next baler will have to have more pickup width.........the extra wide pickups on most balers do not impress me; extra drives,stuffer augers etc. look like a nightmare for maintenance and I've heard of enough guys with problems. When its time to work I want to be baling not fighting and fixing...
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    Hey BMR; Is grass tour still on???

    If it isn't too wet to tour you'd better wear your sunglasses so that GREEN grass don't strain your eyes! Are you still dragging your trailer up? If so you might as well load her up with Vigortone and come the extra hour north. We can always load a couple of Hereford bulls up for the trip...
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    Thanks for the special picture Tam!

    Thank you Tam for sending the special picture so quick! While it's a bit cheeky I love it altho I can't believe you're using it for a screen saver. I don't think that everyone on ranchers.net would be quite ready or thrilled with the picture either but you know what they say about people without...
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    Hey BMR

    Sounds like yore getting desperate for moisture..........didja try Katrina's nude dash to the barn????? Might have to try it several times to get it to work!!!! Failing that you might have to bring Katrina on from SW's and Hanta's place to show you the proper way to do it.......you could maybe...
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    R-CALF loses again!

    Judge Cebull of U.S. District Court, Montana Division, has denied R-CALF's Motion for Summary Judgement and granted USDA's. This means R-CALF's request for a permanent injunction against Canadian live cattle and beef is finished in Montana District Court. R-CALF could appeal to the Ninth Circuit...
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    Manitoba_ R- Your bale shredder??

    M_R- Hopefully that's someone else's iron laying on it's side ( we told you to leave your luck behind in 05!!!!). What happened-broken draw pin or busted axle??
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    Wannabe Stockgrower Haymaker

    Haymaker: I was amazed to see that you want to run for President of the SSGA. That is a noble goal and I am glad to see that you have seen the light and are willing to repent on the wrongful and evil ways of your former group R-calf! Now all that is left to do is to establish residency,buy a...
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    Ambassador BMr

    You're gonna have to get south fairly fast and kick some skinny texas butt. You were keeping things pretty quiet down there until ole Haymaker broke back out and started sipping on that R-calf cool-aid again!
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    Hey BMr

    You been hiding out or have you lost your computer privileges???Perhaps you are in mourning over the disappearance of your Texas sparring partner?? Just wanted to see if ex PM Martin had cancelled your appointment to Texas ??? It's too bad that political appointees are expected to fall on...