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    Big square balers

    curious ..anyone running these on this board just wondering what people have for a baler , likes and dislikes, horsepower on it etc.
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    terimal limo

    Anyone running limo bulls here on commercial angus hereford charolais cows . comments anyone
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    kelln solar

    Anyone using their energy free watering system ( not the one that drains back)
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    Anthrax vaccine prices

    Whats up with this . They seem to be from $4 - $15 a head depending where you buy it.
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    Area vet contracts anthrax

    Area vet contracts anthrax By Ann Harvey YTW Staff Writer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Veterinarian Dr. Kenn Wood is the first person to contract anthrax in the Yorkton-Melville area. In a phone interview Thursday, Aug. 10, Wood, who works...
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    Consumers union upset with U.S testing program

    BSE surveillance will concentrate on symptomatic cattle meatingplace.com Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns, in announcing the reduction of the BSE surveillance program from about 1,000 cattle per week to about 110, said that the agency will concentrate on cattle showing symptoms of the...
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    Squeeze Chutes

    Just wondering what people are using and how they like them
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    20-Month-Old Japan Animal Didn't Have BSE

    20-Month-Old Japan Animal Didn't Have BSE agweb.com Follow-up testing in Japan of a 20-month-old steer that was suspected of having BSE have come back negative, according to Japanese officials. The animal had initially tested positive for BSE but further tests at the National Institute of...
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    another roadblock

    Korea Stops U.S. Beef Imports After USDA Withholds Information on Latest Mad Cow Case From: <http://times.hankooki.com/lpage/biz/200604/kt2006040519470011910.htm> Korea Times - South Korea US Holds Infomation on Mad Cow Case SEOUL (Yonhap) ? The United States has failed to provide the date of...
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    Good news for a change

    BSE Disease on the Wane Worldwide-Rapid Rate of Decline Encouraging PR Newswire, March 23, 2006 WASHINGTON and ROME, March 23, 2006 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Cases of Bovine Spongiform Encepalopathy (BSE) or "mad cow disease" worldwide are declining, according to the UN Food and...
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    Hong Kong Suspends Beef Imports From Swift

    Hong Kong Suspends Beef Imports From Swift Staff and agencies 12 March, 2006 1 hour, 33 minutes ago HONG KONG - Hong Kong has suspended imports from a U.S. beef processing company after discovering its products contained bones prohibited under regulations aimed at protecting against mad...
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    Manitoba Cattle Producers(water protection meetings)

    There are currently Water protect Act consulation meetings going on within the province .I urge you to contact your local Manitoba Agriculture Food Rural Iniative office to find out where they are beginning held and attend. This may be livestock producers last opportunity to voice our concerns...
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    farm cat

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I,m looking to buy a bulldozer for the ranch...anybody here have any opinons on what brand to buy or not to buy Cat , Allis or International. or what size makes a good farm cat. I have been offered the following a...
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    Bale decks.

    Anyone feeding with one of these or something similar . I,m looking to buy one. Your opinons. http://www.triple-c-inc.com/hydrabed.htm
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    Report: Japan Panel Comments on BSE

    Report: Japan Panel Comments on BSE The News and Observer, September 12, 2005 TOKYO (AP) - Japan's food safety panel said Monday that U.S. cows were exposed to a higher risk of mad cow disease infection than their Japanese counterparts due to insufficient feed control in the United States...
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    Montana ranchers charge USDA targeting local processing plan

    Montana ranchers charge USDA targeting local processing plants by Pete Hisey on 8/11/2005 for Meatingplace.com The Montana Cattlemen's Association says it is "outraged" by the closing of the Ranchland Packing Co. slaughter plant in Butte, Mont., this week (See USDA shutters...
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    vermeer balers

    Anyone here puting up baleage with a Vermeer baler. Dealer claims any Vermeer baler can do baleage.Your thoughts.
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    old pics

    Stumbled on these old pics, don,t understand what happened with this pics
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    USDA Tracks Texas Cattle

    USDA Tracks Texas Cattle Sacramento Bee, July 12, 2005 by Jim Wasserman -- Bee Staff Writer The federal government is looking for some former herd mates of a Texas cow infected with mad cow disease, planning to test them for the fatal brain-wasting disease. "We want to see how far we...
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    Union: Meat plants violate mad cow rules

    Union: Meat plants violate mad cow rules Banned brains, spinal cords may still enter food supply By Jon Bonné MSNBC Updated: 6:21 p.m. ET Dec. 20, 2004 Parts of cattle supposedly banned under rules enacted after the nation's first case of mad cow disease are making it into the human food...