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    Hey Hay Maker!!

    Get your butt up here next weekend. They have the Two Cylinder shebang. The auction's just a part of it. Click on the May 7th auction on their homepage, for some reason that wouldn't link on here. http://www.midwestauctions.com/talberg/_private/index.html
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    Answer to higher gas prices

    Figure this photo in the link should cut down on the expenses here. Also might be a good first car for my daughter. Having a hard time finding a snappy one owner Yugo. :wink: http://www.ruralheritage.com/messageboard/frontporch/5862-0.htm
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    Spend, Baby, Spend

    This was e-mailed by the liberty committe. My personal favorite is the baseball statium. I guess that'll make America more secure. :???: March 14, 2005 Tomorrow evening or Wednesday morning the U.S. House will vote on the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War...
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    Republican with a big stick

    Just read this in our local paper this morning. I know it's not an earth shaking news item but you gotta love our republican representative from this area. http://www.mcrecord.com/main.asp?SectionID=2&SubSectionID=2&ArticleID=33641&TM=37503.2
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    MN news

    Think I'll head over to Motley this afternoon and see what's happening. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tri-County Livestock Auction in Motley, Minn., will host its debut fund-raiser for R-CALF USA at 3 p.m. during a feeder sale...
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    Clintons and Bushs

    The Clinton's & the Bush's were going on the same train. The Bush's see the Clinton's only buying one ticket. Laura asks if they're worried they might get caught and get in trouble. Watch and learn," answers Hillary. They all board the train. George and Laura take their respective seats but...
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    Political quiz

    Here's a little political quiz. I ended up 4 issues Republican and 3 issues Libertarian. At least didn't end up a Greenie, LOL. http://www.lp.org/issues/platform/compare/