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  1. J

    Rain out west

    [/url][/img] We have had some rain and it sure nice to fight a little mud. [/url] This old gauge was busy this month. We have had over 6 inches of rain since the 1st of December [/img] The whole world looks better
  2. J

    Christmas 2014 Family Portrait

    Christmas 2014
  3. J

    What I have been up to...

    [/url] Been way too dry in my area. [/img] I ran and won last night, so life is good!
  4. J

    How to cook nuts?

    I save some nuts from my spring branding and need a good recipe to cook them. I have never save them before, as we have always banded our calves . I am cooking them for my wife's work BBQ tomorrow so any help would be great appreciated, Thanks Jeff
  5. J

    Camera Question

    What is the camera of choice for Ranch Talk users? I am not wanting a smart phone so please don't suggest that. I want a rugged phone that fits into a shirt pocket. Thanks Jeff in CA
  6. J

    Creep feeding calves?

    Does anyone on here do it? If so, what do you feed them? Being high prices for calves this Fall it looks like it might pay?
  7. J

    Been Busy as of late a few pics to share

    [/url] Built a little fence on my own place. [/img] A field I drove by every morning for a couple weeks while running a custom hayer baler. [/url] My cows on a oasis in the desert. A big day for the Princess she now has wheels. [/img] Best use of hotwalker ever. [/url] A 100yr old tractor still...
  8. J

    Baby bull causes traffic problems in Reno, escorted back to

    Baby bull causes traffic problems in Reno, escorted back to fieldjavascript:void(0); Danger was on the streets
  9. J

    Fair week and what we have been up to.

    [/url]Three little girls waiting to show. [/img] In the ring with Black Betsy. [/url] A proud Daddy. [/img] A wire roller I made [/url] Less than 2 songs on the radio and it roll up a 1/4 mile of wire [/img] Some Bucks for "H" to drool over. [/url] Somebody was in Hog Heaven [/img] My Buddy's...
  10. J

    Fair week is next week.

    [/url]The 3 loves of my life' Blonde's, Blue pickups and green tractors... [/img]The princess and Black Betsy. [/url]A patriotic photo in tune with the theme of the fair.[/img]
  11. J

    Other than working what do you do for fun?

    We all love this way of life, what else do you do for fun? My whole family goes to the local symphony; Susanvillesymphony.com it is very cool like watching a well oiled machine.
  12. J

    Branding Calves

    [/url]The young fella in black was life saver, mugging all the calves. [/img]My multi-racial herd. [/url]The crew headed to work. [/img]Some good neighbors and ropers too!
  13. J

    Chores this morning...

    Feeding a calf that will go to fair in the "Mini Moo" class. A successful grafting, is out in the pasture. [/img] Some color in the calf crop..
  14. J

    Soapweed's future..

    My little girl spends a couple days a weeks with her "Gma". I came home the other afternoon to feed cows and this is the condition she is normally in after "Taking care of my Gma" [/img]
  15. J

    Grafting some calves!

    This cow lost her calf. Now she has two.. [/img] Another shot..
  16. J

    Cold and Foggy on this side of the Great Basin.

    The home place at 10 AM this morning. [/img] The usual crew I run with. Cabin fever has set in and all of were kicked out of the house.
  17. J

    She came witha 6 on her hip

    She calved day before yesterday. [/img] Just a cow that was a posing. My biological rodent control devices. Monster on the manure pile. [/img]
  18. J

    Warm water for my cows

    Building a fire [/img] A frosty frozen trough The fruits of my labor 45 minutes later [/img] A bunch of redheads My seat warmers[/img]
  19. J

    Cattlemen's Christmas Party

    Our table and the centerpiece my wife and my daughters God Mom made. [/img] The Big brave girl wouldn't sit on Santa's lap by herself. That's what dad's are for I reckon.. Just what she wanted... How did Santa Know?[/img]
  20. J

    Cowboy designed centerpieces

    The wife and I have a cattlemen and cattlewomen's meeting Friday night. There is a contest for centerpieces. Does anyone have any idea for making one? Pictures would be awesome Thanks Jeff