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    bring country together

    if I hear that one more time I will explode. the left hates my views on everything from law and order to guns to abortion. if i bend to their view I can be an American if not go take a flying leap as they have no care what I think just obey.
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    July 4

    Driving home, long day, been a long spring, a struggle. News is earthquake in California, was waiting on some numb n**s to blame Trump. Then got to thinking, I'm driving a wore out pickup home, have a bucket of fresh tomatoes, a bag of fresh okra, a few potatoes, and a mess of green...
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    Jeff Sessions

    Watched and listened to bits and pieces. Have you ever had a hired hand when you asked him about the fuel in the tractor, he said what fuel? I have seen people in over their head but today might have been the exclamation point.
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    USDA tags

    I had a stray bull show up 3 weeks ago, typical for our country, poor fences, weekend ranchers, working in town to hang on. Any way, bull had 2 USDA tags, one maybe less than a year old from the wear and one probably 3 weeks old from the hole in the ear not healed. Well, I finally get him...
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    Debate reaction

    Sorry, I can't listen to screechy for more than about 3 seconds without my blood pressure going to stroke level, but this howling by Krauthammer etal, about not accepting the election results is worse. Trump standing there and telling Hillary and the GOP establishment that he will keep them...
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    Harry's famous kinfolk

    Google. Remus Reid and see what you get.
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    You in one piece?

    Whitewing, you good down there?
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    A small town newspaper

    I live in semi far west Texas, town of Less than 100 thou. Newspaper is daily and does a good job on Friday night football and the obits. Well, last week they decided to weigh in on the events of our times. Elected mayor term before last, didn't show up for his swearing in ceremony, just...
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    Sunday news shows

    You know it's going to be a crappy day------Jullian Assange, Nancy Pelosi, Wendy Davis, the MSNBC crew of Maddow etal, all that was lacking was Racheal Janeteal and it would have been a most informational day.
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    NSA thoughts

    Was thinking today, with all the NSA gathering this and that and to and fro, they mst be some busy sob's, with all the references to BSE, wing nuts, etc. They have got to have some whole department just as dedicated as the IRS was to the tea party, heck maybe twice as committed to just keeping...
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    Supreme court

    Read this morning that the supreme court is taking a case over the patent on genetic seeds and if farmers could be prohibited from planting them. First I had read anything, suit is over roundup tolerant seeds, could filter down to all seeds. Any one else read anything about it?
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    Reds in denver

    Did Any one see the red angus shows and sales in Denver? Your thoughts?
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    Red angus bull

    Before the fires and drought, climbed on a limb and used a red bull with a black pedigree. Had seen 036 and thought hos mother was an awfully good cow. Can't stand the red pedigrees as far as every thing is related some way, usually, tried to avoid a lot of them. Wound up with 6 heifers and...
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    Two things

    You know, saw a couple of things today, first, living in Egypt or Libya must be a pretty good deal, you have enough spare time to march, protest, burn s***, always have access to a bull horn, gas is cheap enough to burn, have a good music teacher so you can sing and chant in unison, and have a...
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    Typical U S D A

    Two years of drought, fire, marginal crop yields, the senate hauls a** out of Washington to campaign, and then what do we hear, TWO million pi**Ed away to hire one intern, and wonder what his/her job was, gathering data on how much fence burned, how little corn went to ethanol, bet inventory...
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    How to starve an Obama voter

    Hide his food stamps under his work shoes :D
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    I did not build it

    Nope, I carry feed all winter, I have trouble paying the bill because some sob thinks I need to use it for fuel, I can't buy fuel, the same sob thinks my fuel bill needs to be higher so I will use less, if i get a snow, I ride the tractor to the pavement cause the sob won't blade the road, a...
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    Jack pot today

    On a junk trip today, for any of you who need a few parts, model A engine, touring car body, 5 gas pumps, 4 kerosene pumps, brass foot rail from a salon, kind of the high points. Have invite to go back in a week or so. Any one have a shopping list??
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    The new tax

    Am I right, wrong, or just a bit confused, Since Obama care is now a matter of law, a TAX, is not that a matter of reconciliation and NOT subject to a filibuster, and thus. Only takes 51votes to pass or fail??????? :???: :???:
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    Two worthless *******

    The sTory out of how David Axlerod and Eric Holder going chest to chest in a white house meting. Don't know whether to laugh, call bull**** , or call it a made up non story from the start. Neither one has the cahones to start anything, both of them know it, and it would be hard as all get...