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    Aug. 27th Pics

    I dont post to much but try and read whats going one daily. Had chance yesterday to take a couple pics of a few of my bull calves, then a picture of one of our heifers we are going to be selling this fall in a show heifer sale. Here is a bull calf born 2/18/11 sired by BC Lookout 7024 and...
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    Feeding Wheat & Pea Silage

    I have the chance to buy some Wheat & Pea silage for about half of what hay is running per ton around here right now, but my question is first how good of a feed is it going to be and second how much will I generally have to feed per day in comparison to feeding a high quality alfalfa grass hay...
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    Looking for some input

    I had an interesting question arise to me yesterday. I said I would post it on here and see what kind of interesting feedback there was. What is the perfect frame scored commercial cow? Now I know a lot of people say a moderate framed easy fleshing cow. I wont disput that. The heart of this...
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    Picture of a heifer I raised . . .

    She is out of our oldest cow who will be 11 next year and keeps doing a great job! Im pretty proud of her. I dont very often get to see any of my heifers all clipped and cleaned up so its something a little different. If anyone is looking for a show heifer email me! :wink:
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    I want to send a HUGE thank you to Old Timer! ! !

    I finally got a second to post and say Thank You for the puppy! "Sky" is fitting in nicely and is incredibly smart! Possibly to smart for her own good. I have no doubt she will be a heluva dog when she grows up! If anyone is looking for a nice Border Collie pup see what you can talk Dick out...
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    Pictures of a few of my calves!

    This is the first time I have posted with pictures so I am hoping it will work! The first two photos are of two bull calves that are by TC Franklin 619 and out of first calf heifers. This next one is a heifer that is by Connealy Power One and out of a Morgans DirectionsXVRD first calf...
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    Question about our tractor. . . .

    We have a Case 885 that the four wheel drive has apparently quit working. I havent had a chance to take a look at it but plan to this weekend, and was curious if anyone has had this problem with a case 885. We have had it for about a year and a half and had no problems until now. We are still...
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    Anyone going to the Vermion Ranch Production. .

    I have purchased some bred heifers there the last few years. Was talking about flying up to watch the sale but dont know if that is going to go through. Anyone else going to be up there? :D
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    Anyone ever used or been around a Boxer Skidsteer?

    We are looking at maybe buying one and was curious if anyone had ever used them and what they thought about them. Any information would be great. Thanks Ren
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    Mcnab Stock Dogs

    Does anyone know of anyone that has any pups? I have been looking for one forever and cant seem to find the right one or if I do its just been sold. The story of my life.lol Thanks :-)
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    New to site! Wanted to introduce myself!

    Hello to everyone!! I have been lurking around the board here for awile and decided I better introduce myself and whatnot. I live in Idaho and raise Registerd Angus along with some commercial cattle. It has been great reading everyones posts and hopefully I can add to that!! Thanks Heluva...