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  1. Z

    Final Thoughts on Cherry County Wind, by Steve Moreland December 10, 2016

    Thanks to LazyWP I had the opportunity to spend a week in the Sandhills. As an outsider, I have to agree with Soapweed that the wind turbines would, without a doubt, destroy the scenic views and solitude that attracted outsiders like me to the Sandhills. It would be a real shame to have that...
  2. Z

    What would you do???????

    Unless you had everything spelled out in writing, chalk it up to experience. In the future, close, take possession, and assume the existing lease the same day. Also, at closing, if the lease was paid in full, make sure it is prorated and the old owner pays you the remainder of the lease payment.
  3. Z

    Plumbing question

    Did your method work? To me, it looks like the top of the plug needs to be supported from underneath at the seal. My suggestion is to put some dish soap on the 2" pvc, place a 2" no hub fernco on the pipe and slide it down to about where you need it. Then set the plug ontop to get it exactly...
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    Verizon FiOS TV dropping RFD-TV

    Verizon FiOS is Verizon's all fiber network for voice, data, and TV. It is available in limited markets where Verizon is the LEC (local phone company). This used to be a pretty big footprint, but through recent sales, it is now basically the Mid-atlantic states. Given the population density and...
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    Downer Cow...

    On the dairy we used "hip huggers" to lift downed cows and always put hobbles on their back legs to keep them from splaying out. The hobbles stayed on until they broke (a few months), and at times we replaced the broken ones if she looked iffy on the concrete. The hobbles may not be necessary if...
  6. Z

    My friend's success story

    Soap, do you have a public link for those of us without Facebook? I did a quick Google search and came up empty, but would like to read the article. When I met Nate it was obvious he never met a stranger. We chatted for about a half hour and he was very upbeat and positive despite his...
  7. Z

    Auburn takes out bama!!!

    Between Alabama/Auburn and Michigan/Ohio State, it was a great day to be a college football fan!
  8. Z

    Its official

    Seems as though there are a lot of people here on Ranchers who are single-handedly making sure their doctor's kids have a good Christmas. Perhaps you can get Lisa to make you a leather sling. :) Heal up fast.
  9. Z

    The Affordable Boat Act (A.B.A.)

    But...but Whitewing said if I like my boat/plane/horse, I can keep it. Whitewing, did you not know what was in this before you passed it? Figured you would just read it later?
  10. Z

    The Affordable Boat Act (A.B.A.)

    If I already own a boat/plane/horse, will I be able to keep it?
  11. Z

    "Lousy" Big 10??

    Have a few die-hard Buckeye friends, and even they admit that the Buck's strength of schedule eliminates them from the Championship game, unless they get some help. Kind of a shame that they could go undefeated for two seasons and not even be a contender, but their schedule is what it is.
  12. Z

    Funny ad for jeep

    That's great, Larry! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Z

    Need advice on buying a generator

    FH, what size (hp) pump do you have and is it 120 or 240? I'm assuming 240, but one never knows. Next question, do you have natural gas/propane? If so, personally I would be looking into a standby generator with an automatic transfer switch. It will be pricey, but the piece of mind of not...
  14. Z

    Warning about dealing with Auto Anything

    Did you pay with a credit card? If so you may be able to dispute the charges, however the time for that may have expired, but a quick call will answer that. I once ordered a couple of reconditioned tools from a reputible online company. They only shipped FedEx which was rare for this area at...
  15. Z

    Donate a cow?

    I found an old article from 1997 discussing this very same thing and if anyone happens to know the people mentioned in the article, it may be a start. Article here: http://www.csmonitor.com/1997/1103/110397.us.us.1.html/(page)/2 Edited for wrong name
  16. Z

    Some good has come from gov shutdown...

    I think you just hit the nail squarely on the head. Most people can, and do, live their daily lives with out direct government intervention. Besides infrastructure and national security (security, not meddling) they just aren't needed in my eyes. Those on the Gov't teat would figure out how to...
  17. Z

    October 1, 2013 - Sorting bigger steer calves to sell first

    Hope you have a great sale, Soap. I hear that west of you is supposed to get dumped on with snow. Are they predicting any for your neck of the woods... errr hills?
  18. Z

    Back home on the ranch September 27, 2013

    It's great to see that you're on the mend and back posting, Soap! Stick with your PT and before you know it, you'll be movin' and shakin' again.
  19. Z

    If we all had his attitude

    Hey LazyWP. Your link goes to a Yahoo sign in page for me. You on the mend?
  20. Z

    Mustang Pictures-----------

    Rain or shine, still some great pictures, Mustang. I have a question that maybe you can help an easterner understand. Where the bands of mustangs roam, does the BLM also offer grazing permits for cattle ranchers? In other words, if permits are offered, do mustangs and cattle have to compete...