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    Christmas 2013 - Part Two

    I didn't realize it has been so long since I have been on here. Sparky has twins! Congratulations Grandpa! I hope every one has had a wonderful year.
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    Word Association Game

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    He had a dream!

    Obama wakes up one night. There stands George Washington's ghost! Obama says, "George how can I help this country?" Washington replies, "Be honest with the people like I was." Obama goes back to sleep and awakes again. This time its' Thomas Jefferson's ghost! Obama says "Tom how can I help this...
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    Katrina's guy's?

    US Army HET trucks, I saw them at Ft Hood when my son was in. All of the trailer axles steer. My son started out his 4 yrs in one of them, then he went off to other stuff.
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    Huge-mongus Cottonmouth !

    that is one huge snake, but I am trying to see the down side of not any possums or coons? :D
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    Pallet forks

    I have a backhoe - loader here and have a set of forks that hang from hooks from the top of the bucket. My main complaint is you can NOT see the forks when trying to stab a pallet. The loader bucket is pretty heavy and the lift capacity lets them work out that far in front, but a quick attach on...
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    Our yard is a sheet of ice

    by now I think I'd take 5" of freezing rain....... its been 2 1/2 months since any moisture at all. But on the high side of that, its been real nice late fall weather here and we are getting lots of extra projects completed.
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    Hey Tam!

    Tam, glad to hear you are on the mend. I've not been on here much and didn't know you were down and sick. Get well quick as I may try to stop in next trip up. I'm sure you have some new stuff that you've made in the cabin to show. :-) Get well soon, and tell Mr. hello.
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    holiday travel

    Jigs, don't do it, just drive! Oh, a bit self serving on my part as you would be welcome to overnight here in NM on the way. Have a safe trip.
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    Proud of myself

    Very good H, nice to see your wife has such a fortunate mate! Happy Thanksgiving
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    November 19 and 20, 2012

    Soapweed, thanks for sharing, its always nice to see your outfit. Specially the family and grandkids. Brock's boy sure has a happy to him! Will sure has a talent for his work, nice knives. Sunflower sure an artist. Peach sure did a good job on making creative kids !!! Sorry, I couldn't help...
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    Blizzard Warning

    We have had the nicest weather the last three weeks, high around 80, but now tomorrow 55 :shock: but it has been a couple of months since any moisture and none in the forecast either. I hope ya'll fare well thru this and are all done weaning and shipping calves early this year. Friends in...
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    pretty discouraging

    Frank Whitham was a first class man. I worked for him 30 years ago.
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    Ranchers.net observations

    Herford76, great post and thank you. I dont get on here much anymore as there's just other life going on that is making life full here. I have met a very few people in person on ranchersnet and Soapweed is one that I truely admire. And not because he tries to keep his cattle black, its his...
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    Did you know what happened 162 years ago this fall...

    well...... there's a couple of stories I'm very glad it cant repeat!! We got 3 third places. So somewhere in the middle.
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    Did you know what happened 162 years ago this fall...

    another photo of the camp. there were 5 wagons set up.
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    Did you know what happened 162 years ago this fall...

    well not quite 1850 but in November 1856 this ole wagon was built. We went up to Colorado Springs last weekend for the WRCA Rodeo and Chuckwagon cook off. I was surprised that they still held the event. Me and my best friend.
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    Big weather change coming--

    The Lord has blessed us this year, as of last Monday, we are up to a total of 3.65" ytd total, ahead of last years cumulative total. Making grass and things look good.
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    Beer Bread

    here is the recipe I use on the wagon cooking. It is pretty heavy and dense but hard to beat when its hot out of the oven. Beer Bread 3 cups flour 1 tbs. baking powder 5 tbs. sugar 1 room temp 12 oz. beer opened Dough will be thick and heavy. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes and then butter...
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    Dry Dry Dry

    At my place in eastern NM, I have 3.15" total for the year, which is already above the 2011 total. With the last 1.8" coming the past Sunday and Monday. There is some grass coming but it is spotty. My neighbor 2 miles northeast only got 1.1" out of it. The blessing has been closer to normal...