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    Marketing Agreements - Good or Bad?

    THE market system for buying and selling livestock in the U.S. is alive and well. A ban on packer ownership of livestock and other alternative marketing arrangements (AMAs) in the beef industry would cost producers, packers and consumers billions of dollars. These are the key conclusions of a...
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    Manufacturing Wages - the myth

    On numerous occasions members of this forum have used the excuse that we are exporting high paying jobs in manufacturing for low paying sevice sector jobs. The most recent member to take this position is OT. I did not expect he had knowledge or the facts to back his statement or he would not...
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    Japanese consumers and U.S beef

    Japanese Consumers Pick U.S. Beef Above The Rest Source: USMEF September 11, 2006 When given the choice of American, Japanese and Australian beef, consumers at a Tokyo beef event Sunday chose the U.S. variety. The event was held at Shinjuku station, the busiest train station in the world, to...
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    Japanese consumers - Hungry for U.S. beef

    Hunger for U.S. beef exceeds expectation 09/04/2006 THE ASAHI SHIMBUN Japan Consumer demand for U.S. beef is so high that Japanese retailers are running short of supplies, with one popular restaurant chain planning to ration beef to its customers. U.S. beef began arriving last month after...
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    Record weights

    Beware of the nine pound chicken which is coming soon to the supermarket.
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    Psst- over here

    Pickett Trial Testimony - Dr Taylor Q…Now , your report gave six possible theories for why IBP’s use of forward contracts and marketing agreements might cause the cash market to be lower, correct? A…They could be called individual theories, but a theory can have many elements. It can also...
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    The Greatest Economy in the World.

    "Corporate cash flow last quarter rose to another record, more than $1.4 trillion, and it remains large enough to finance virtually all of American industry's capital spending, a capability that is unprecedented in the post-World War II era." Source: BW You would never gather that information...
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    Jury rules in favor of Plaintiffs

    The jury ruled in favor of plaintiffs and determined an award less than $10 million.
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    Pickett Appeal

    The Supreme Court this AM rejected and will NOT hear the Pickett appeal- CASE 0VER.
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    Japan Responds to Creekstones Lawsuit

    Japan says US suit won't change beef trade rules Reuters Thu Mar 23, 2006 By Aya Takada TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese Agriculture Minister Shoichi Nakagawa said on Friday beef trade rules between Japan and the United States won't be affected by a lawsuit filed by a U.S. firm against the U.S...
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    Bernanke's Comments

    Just curious if any of you listened to Fed Chairman Bernanke's comments to the NY Economic Club this evening? I was particulary interested in his comments regarding the trade deficit and consumer income & assets relative to consumer debt burdens.
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    Quizno's:Your Checkoff $ at Work

    CENTENNIAL, Colo. (March 10, 2006) Promotion of a new and unique Prime Rib sub sandwich is the focus of a joint effort between the Beef Checkoff Program and Quiznos Sub®. The sandwich is now available in thousands of Quiznos® outlets nationwide. The cooperative promotion, funded partly...
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    How savings as reported are derived.

    I made a verbatim copy of the accounting equation used by the government to calculate savings as it is reported in most news stories. Please note that this process has little bearing to our actual savings rate in this country as I have previously indicated. As previously mentioned, items such...
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    Household Net Worth

    For the readers. Agman Debt Be Not Proud? Actually, when compared with household net worth, it’s of little concern. By Jerry Bowyer Would you judge the status of someone’s personal finances without even looking at his assets? Probably not. But that hasn’t stopped the mainstream media from...
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    Savings - How are they measured

    I am hopeful the following commentary will provide some incite into the deficiency in how savings are calculated by the government under the National Income Accounting process which is reported on the news or you read about in the papers. As you will soon ascertain my explanation to Brad S...
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    Worth while reading

    New cuts profitable for beef industry By JEAN WILSON/Telegram Assistant Editor Columbus Telegram February 9, 2006 Nebraska, US COLUMBUS - Beef products that were introduced to the marketplace a few years ago are starting to show their worth. Ranch steak, flat iron steak and petite tender...
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    Cattle Inventory Report

    The annual cattle inventory report was released by the USDA Friday. Total cattle inventories were reported at 97.1 million head, up from 95.4 million head on January 1, 2005. Feeder cattle and calf supplies outside feed yards, those available to be placed on feed, increased 1.7% or 468,000...
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    "en banc" hearing denied in Pickett case

    The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals denied an "en banc" hearing in the Pickett Case. I noted with extreme interest that neither OCM, Econ101 or other Pickett supporters informed readers of that latest ruling. It appears that my previous position that the Pickett case had zero chance of ever...
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    Don't give up yet

    Japan Likely To Resume U.S., Canada Beef Imports TOKYO (Dow Jones)--An expert panel on mad-cow disease intends to compile a draft report later this month that is likely to pave the way for Japan to resume beef imports from the United States and Canada in December, members said after their...
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    Don't Give Up Yet

    TOKYO (Dow Jones)--An expert panel on mad-cow disease intends to compile a draft report later this month that is likely to pave the way for Japan to resume beef imports from the United States and Canada in December, members said after their meeting Tuesday, Kyodo News reported. The prospect...