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Big Bud

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Sep 26, 2020
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I just heard and I think this is cool. After 30 years big bud is coming back and making tractors again. Why because according to big bud all the new tractors on the market are plastic computers that farmers cant or dont want to work at.
Bud is going to be built with farmers doing repairs and maintenance in mind.
Wow what a concept!
Hopefully government doesn't shut them down. Example automotive industry.
Hopefully this catches on .
If I heard right they are making them in Georgia USA.
With emissions regulations they won't be mechanical fuel injection but atleast it's not designed by college pukes just trying to make something miserable to work at.
Years ago they figured being biggest was their market niche but now they see their market niche in building hopefully smaller equipment that farmers can work at which is the opposite of everybody else.
Look at pick up trucks. They haven't made anything I would want in the last 45 years. Why would they think I would go out and fork down a bunch of money for something thats ugly and not worth fixing. Example in my old ford it would take me about an hour and a half to replace a heater core. How long does it take you on one of these new trucks? 10 or so hours or do you just trade it in?
Everything they make from tractors to baler's, its just more and more plastic every year and the prices are crazy.
That one-of-a-kind 1100 hp that could disc an acre a minute would sure have been a treat when I was a teen and discing an 80-acre hilly field. 60 acres an hour, as opposed to 8 acres an hour would have been nice.

Standard motors I think were a v12 or a kt Cummins. The Cummins bankrupted them because they couldn't keep transmissions behind it (warranty).
That v16 would have been cool. I suspect it was actually two via put together. You could do that with those old 2 strokes.
Actually you know Detroit diesel is still producing brand new two strokes. Biggest customer is U.S. army who still use tons of them. Emissions exempt apparently.