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Cowboy Chili Feed at Faye's

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Mountain Cowgirl

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Mar 19, 2021
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N.E. Oregon
I had an old Texas cowboy over for chili last afternoon. He asked if my chili would make him fart. "Darn tootin," I replied.

I should have had him over for chili at high noon. We could have had a toot out at the Ol Fay corral.

"Where did you cook these cow punchin beans." He asked? "On the range silly," I replied.

The poor old fart was bankrupt but he didn't complain since he didn't have any beef.

He was an old retired range rider. I just called him de-ranged.

He was coughing and said he got covid from his old horse, a retired saddle bronc. I said no worries you have bronc-itis.

He said he was going as a ghost for Halloween to show off his new boo-ts.

I asked why he was considering a dachshund instead of a big ranch dog. He said because he preferred gittin a-long little doggie.

He was an 85-year-old Texas ranch dinosaur in his cowboy hat and boots. I call him Tyrannosaurus Tex.

He asked if I believed old Texas cowboys come back in another form after they die. I said yes, it is called reintarnation.

He left early due to a hitch in his gitty up.

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