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Denim and Western Decline

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Mountain Cowgirl

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Mar 19, 2021
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N.E. Oregon
Denim and Western Decline
by Faye Fox 09/25/2021 0535 hours PST

That big W embroidered on the pockets on the rear
No longer says American as you wrestle down that steer
The west that was once based on beef, God, whiskey, and hope
Is now given way to no responsibility, disrespect, tofu, and dope

Cowgirls once wearing no back pocket jeans called bareback
Graced rodeos as they brushed their horses and got out their tack
Most cowboys controlled their manners, their language, and drama
Reason being, they respected, honored, and deeply feared their mama

They knew their mama brought them into the world and she could take them out
Such revelation kept them focused ------- when they went to the barn to pout
No smart denim donned cowboy ever called his mama an unspeakable name
Changed since biblical times, the rod was now a whip, a quirt, and not a cane

Those days have disappeared, ended, and fled
Except for a few living and several of the dead
You see when denim changed no longer USA made jeans
Many branding irons went cold and pots emptied of beans

Rodeo became a big-time sport not a special ranch holiday
With sponsors promoting commie made jeans just for the pay
Jeans made in China by workers living in poverty and squalor
Gives me rise to step upon my saddle soapbox ---- and holler
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Apr 8, 2008
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NE Oregon
You might have noticed that everything is made in China these days not just Wranglers. At least two trains a day go by here with double stacked containers. Headed east from the ports loaded with things made in China. Trains are 2 miles long.
There are still a lot of home town rodeos. It is just the big time ones get the publicity. And back when I was going 45-50 years ago the cowboys were either the salt of the earth or the scum of the earth and there wasn't many in between. Ones who you could trust with anything and those who you wouldn't trust at all with anything. No shortage in either group.

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