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Don't teach your dog to talk

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Big Muddy rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Big Muddy valley
A young, Southern boy goes off to college but about 1/3 way through
>> the semester, he has foolishly squandered what money his parents gave
>> him. Then he gets an idea. He calls his daddy.
>> "Dad," he says, "you won't believe the wonders that modern
>> education are coming up with! Why, they actually have a program here
>> that will teach Ole Blue, our dog, how to talk!"
>> "That's absolutely amazing!" his father says. "How do I get him in
>> that program?"
>> "Just send him down here with $1000," the boy says, "I'll get him
>> into the course."
>> So, his father sends the dog and the $1000. About 2/3 way through
>> the semester, the money runs out.
>> The boy calls his father again. "So how's Ole Blue doing, son?" his
>> father asks. "Awesome, dad, he's talking up a storm," he says, "but you
>> just won't believe this - they've had such good results with this
>> program, that they've implemented a new one to teach the animals how to
>> READ!"
>> "READ!?" says his father, "No kidding! What do I have to do to get
>> him in that program?"
>> "Just send $2,500, I'll get him in the class." His father sends the
>> money.
>> The boy has a problem. At the end of the year, his father will
>> find out that the dog can neither talk nor read, so he shoots the dog.
>> When he gets home, his father is all excited. "Where's Ole Blue? I just
>> can't wait to see him talk and read something!"
>> "Dad," the boy says, "I have some grim news. This morning, when I
>> got out of the shower, Ole Blue was in the living room kicking back in
>> the recliner, reading the morning paper, like he usually does. Then he
>> turned to me and asked, 'So, is your daddy still messin' around with that
>> little redhead who lives on Oak Street?' "
>> The father says, "I hope you SHOT that son of a gun before he
>> talks to your Mother!"
>> "I sure did, Daddy!"
>> "That's my boy!"

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