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JD 567

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Jul 15, 2023
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I bale with a JD567 in West Nebraska. Ive been having problems with the rear gate creeping up and sending a "gate open" message monitor display. I thought it might be a tractor hydraulic problem but gauges show that not to be the problem. Pretty frustrating. Any clues? Thank you.

Super dry here. Hay harvest will be significantly less this summer.
I actually can see the cylinder shaft extending so if not the tractor hydraulics, then the baler gate cylinder...
You could try reversing the hoses if it is the tractor the leak will close the gate instead of opening it.
I tried that.. no success. I thought it was the hyd pump. I put a new pump on the tractor. No change. I guess i will switch out the hyd cylinder and hope for success. Thank you for the suggestion.

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