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Sold the Calves!!!

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Jun 15, 2005
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Saskatchewan, Canada
Well, Friday was the big day. Weaned and sold our calves. We kept back about 30 heifers, 1 feeder steer (spotted) a 4H steer and a bull calf.

Our steer calves averaged 604 lbs @ 1.51/lb = $911
The heifers we sold averaged 540 lbs @ 1.41/lb = $764

Now, I have to brag a bit, we didn't have one steer calf that weighed under 525 lbs, and that includes the 2 we kept home. We had 1 little heifer that weighed 360 lbs, but then again she only weighed 42 lbs when she was born, so that isn't a huge surprise. Other than her, our smallest heifers was one @ 470 lbs.

Just finished pregchecking the cows today, and I think 4 dry out of 120. Have about 10 others to cull out though...

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