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Spring is in the air

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Apr 8, 2008
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NE Oregon
Daffodils blooming in the flower bed. The apricot tree in the back yard is in full bloom. Fresh snow this morning on the hill just a little above the house. Yep, sure signs of spring here in Baker County.

Wind, rain, snow, we've had it all today. We could get a lot of snow overnight, but it
looks like the main storm will go east of us. It's really wet out there and we are glad
for it.

We have sandhill cranes, robins and magpies. The elk have finally come down.
We haven't seen them all winter til now. Of course the deer are here, but about
1/3 of what we used to have before the winter of 2022-2023. A lot of deer
in Wyoming perished during that winter.

I envy you Webfoot. Daffodils already!
I transplanted rhubarb last fall and the deer ate it right down to nothing.
I was afraid it might have died, but I checked yesterday and it's COMING!
I've had a heck of a time growing rhubarb here--we had planted it in a raised
bed and it would come up and do nothing. Isn't that crazy?
We love rhubarb!
Already been in the 90's a few days here.Got the first glimpse of my hay crop yesterday.We are already struggling on rainfall amounts,but have rain coming Tuesday/Wednesday and the next 90 days are usually our better days for higher amounts of rain.

Love the pics!

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