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Apr 8, 2008
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NE Oregon
There is 117 freshly weaned calves in my corral. During the night something must have spooked them. It could have been a cat, or the neighbors dogs, or who knows. That many calves all trying to get through an 8 foot opening on the run at the same time just doesn't work. They snapped off an older RR tie post. That put them into a 30 by 30 pen. The next gate was open but it only swings toward the direction they were coming from. They must have pushed it to closed and then tore it off the hinges. The hinges are bent beyond use. They would have then swung out into the other two pens where they stopped. Good thing it is just interior stuff they tore down other wise this morning they would have been strung out all over the country.
For some reason they like to lay down where the calves are standing in the first picture. They hit the post and last section of that fence. Second picture is just turning the other way to where the gate use to be.


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