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Take Care of Yer Friends

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leanin' H

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Nov 8, 2007
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Western Utah Desert
Great one Gcreek! Ol' Baxter is a wordsmith and a rare talent. What a fine advocate and voice for agriculture he is. And i count you as one of my closest/farthest friends! :D And i can too blow my own nose! :wink:


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Jan 3, 2010
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i could never compete with Baxter or H'---but humble myself as u guys let me share some of my thoughts and feelings on this sight.just wish i could run a darn camera!
here's one that might fit this thread....

Altho he's my little brother---he's also a good friend
he will never be replaced---even in lifes end

i just learned he has---stage 4 Renal failure disease
both kidneys have shut down---even hurts for him to sneeze

they have started the dialysis---only 3 days a week
4 hours on a machine---while kidneys play hide and seek

life is full of surprises---sometimes we have to fight
But to live or die---the decision is our right

a transplant is on the list---his son has volunteered
to share a part of himself---to a DAD so undeteered

Lord,watch over our family---take care of our good friend
as we don't have a choice of being born--or when this life will end

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