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took years to go broke

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Jan 3, 2010
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the worst blizzard i ever seen---was in the second week of April 1973
when i stuck a new tractor---under an old dead tree
had a drought,dry as a bone---in seventy-four
it was a small crop---with little to store

the love bug bit me---the winter of 1975
when i got married---the bills doubled,try'n to stay alive
after i graduated---from high school in 1976
i tried to pull a rabbit---out of a box of trix

i started a family ---in the year of 1977
lost a daughter---now she's in Heaven
went thru the divorce---in the year of 1978
after going to court---to the bank i was late

went on a vacation---in 1979,,a six week run
on some eight dollar soybeans---but man,did i have fun
rented some more land---thru the eighties
live'n a life---wish'n i was in Haitais

the landlord died---leave'n six kids and a wife
with 3 more deaths in the family---i'd rather been cut with a knife
i took a job in town---and farmed on the side
lost some more money---life's been a ride

altho things are better---time is a test
i'll miss the ranch'n---till they lay me to rest
between the love bug,debt--- and all the above
it took years to lose---the 'Life' i do love.....

written by a broke rancher

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