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Using weak strain to protect against virulent TSE

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Feb 11, 2005
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Home on the Range, Alberta
Assumptions and nothing more.

The virus theory, doesn't hold up to the carbonization test, which destroys all the protein material and leaves nothing but the basic components carbon, nitrogen, metals. Prion aggregates heated to 660 degrees Celcius, were still capable of tranmission visa the experimental iatrogenic means, ie: intracranial injection, etc.

Variant CJD emerged in 1990 and was later found to be triggered by people eating meat products infected with "mad cow disease", BSE. The disease, which causes the brain to become "spongified" and full of holes, was effectively the cattle infection showing itself in humans.

Hogwash! Variant CJD has never been proven, or found, to be triggered by people eating meat products infected with mad cow disease. It is nothing more than epidemiological statistics and assumptions, based on a similar, yet not always identical, glysolation patterns in the brain and time frame to the onset of disease (in mouse experiments).

...exposed mouse brain cells to human and sheep TSE strain combinations. The scientists found that persistent infection by a "weak" CJD strain protected cells from infection by a more virulent and potentially lethal form of CJD

Are these guys nuts, or what! They are developing strains of disease that do not exist, which can now cause disease in more than one species. The evidence is clear that the species barrier exists and works to protect us.

Maybe if the "transgenetic" scientists all grew-up and realized the horrific damage they are doing to our society, we wouldn't have the health problems we have today.

Vaccinations containing all kinds of foreign proteins are being injected into the population at ever increasing rates. When will we wake up to the stupidity of these actions.

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