I dont even know what to label this..I'm so upset.

Things that come up in the daily operation of a ranch.
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Post by johndeerefarmer » Sat Aug 20, 2005 5:01 pm

PPRM wrote:ok,

reality check......4 mile swath for a friggin highway, I don't care if it is a super highway......So if that part is way off, how much of the rest could be hyper-bole???????????

Too often we worry about things that nevcer come to pass..... I also know from personal experience what N R said is correct...

I am not discounting your felings, just trying to help by giving a different perspective,

Yes, it's 4 miles wide study but the actual highway will be 1200'...

The plan is to include train tracks, hi speed rail lines, hazardous waste routes, etc. This is not new. It has been in the works for several years. There has also been public hearings across the state of Texas. The Texas Southwestern CattleRaisers Ass'n has been lobbying to stop it.

They are still trying to decide where to put it and I hope like heck it's not thru my place. It has already been cut in two by a highway in 1958, then another highway was expanded to 4 lanes which cost us another 10 acres. Now the city has taken 60 acres into the city limits for the sole purpose of tax revenue. You think that you are the only one crying??

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Post by Jessie » Mon Aug 22, 2005 1:22 pm

Jersey lily,

Just catchin up on the posts....so a lil late on this one.
Can only imagine the anger and upset you all are feelin.
No pearls o wisdom here, But hopes that it all works out as you want it too.
Sendin cyber hugs along with tequila shots (drink the s*** but can't spell it)
your way.

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Post by endebt » Mon Aug 22, 2005 5:04 pm

We went to a public meeting. You would not believe what i found out . It looks like 3 of their proposed roads run right in my front gate. Sure makes you stop making any big improvements. Like a new hay barn.
hope all the best

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Post by DOC HARRIS » Mon Aug 22, 2005 9:01 pm

the_jersey_lilly_2000 wrote:That 4 mile wide path got me to thinking too...I've done several searches and have found a lil more about it. It's not as huge as the original article stated..the study is bein done on a 4 mile wide path. I'm thinkin to myself we've got bottom land...LOTS of water when it rains..why would they wanna build a highway somewhere they would hafta build it like a bridge? I guess I jumped the gun a lil bit on my post but heck, I was seein red.

LOL Northern Rancher....dont for one minute think I couldn't be a female version of what you said if the need arises.

But ya know we sat down last night with the kids talking about it..lookin online at the proposed paths...and for the first time in my kids lives they really voiced their opinion on how they feel about where we live and what it really means to them. Made me proud to know that they feel just as strongly about this as I do. I've researched our family history for years with the hopes that they'd someday be interested in all my hours of work. It made my heart swell with pride knowing they'd paid attention to all the lil stories I've come across about this land and all the people that have come before us. I'm tellin ya..both of em was "stompin foot" mad about the thought of someone comin thru and takin our land.

I can just imagine the terror and frustration that hit you in the pit of the stomach when you heard this news! :shock: :mad: :evil: I think that I can detect that you have calmed down a little bit from the original reaction to this kind of news, and that is very normal. Is this highway going to be part of I-69? If so, would it be the East NS route, or the Central or West NS run? Or - is it going to be the Connector that will be near the King Ranch? That said - there can be a LOT of leeway in many directions involved in that section of I-69, and a lot of Hell being raised can possibly be profitable for your situation. An inquiry with an Attorney may be of some help. I don't know if that is the route you are talking about or not - just a thought. DOC

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