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    Aluminum stock trailers with 2'' air gap above fenders

    I'm looking at buying a new aluminum stock trailer, and it has the 2'' air gap down the side above the fender wells. You can close the gap with plexiglass in the winter. I'm just curious if anybody has this option and what their thoughts are of the gap. I'm seeing a few of them on the road but...
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    Well worth watching

    Thanks for sharing Soap I enjoyed that.
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    beaverslides and the big hole

    I grew up pushing hay with a truck sweep to a beaverslide stacker, it sure was a lot of fun. If only a fella could just go back and relive the simpler years of one's life.
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    Alfalfa anyone?

    I'm sure it will work, we put clover seed in our mineral.
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    Fence Post's

    Thanks for the replies guys. I think I'm going to try some of the copper naphthenate post's and buy some more creosote. I pulled every steel post I could find on this place and took them to a consignment auction a year ago. I'd rather take a whoopin from Bernie Sanders then use a T post :wink:
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    Fence Post's

    I've always used creosote post and been pretty happy with their performance. However the prices I'm seeing are getting ridiculous, I know I should just try to find some Hedge post, but I'm curious what others are using. A fella around here is selling green treat posts from the Black Hills SD...
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    Opinions on Make/Model Truck/4 Wheeler

    Like others have said they all have their quirks and everybody has an opinion. I bought a 99 F250 V10 in October, with 150,000 miles and I absolutely love it, gave 6500 for it and built a flatbed with hydraulic spikes and feed cow's with it all winter. It saved a lot of wear and tear on a...
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    Late January 2017

    Yep ol Charlie lives about 30 miles north of me, they call him chicken hawk around here. Sure is a small world!
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    Tune for today

    I haven't heard this one before burnt thanks for sharing!
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    Time to Buy?

    It's tough starting from scratch, I bought some land first and then bought the cows. I've bought em at $1,000 and $2,000, all with a lot of borrowed money, but things have come together well. It does seem to take a long time but as Denny said you have to be in it for the long haul. If a fella...
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    Trump Being "Herman Cain'd" Right Now

    I agree it's a load of crap that they are trying to dump at just the right time.
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    Republican party can recover!!

    I know what he said was horrible, but you can't tell me that you never heard a bunch of teenage boy's or dirty old men make comments like that amongst themselves. I work with 15 guys every day and hear crap like this for 2 of the 8 working hours of the day.
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    I hope none of us need one of these this winter

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    Alley question

    Nicky, I built one with my brother last spring in my shop. The main frame is built out of 2 3/8 drill stem and 2 7/8 runners, it is fully adjustable using greasable bushings. He wanted only the bottom portion sheeted so you could give shots through the alley and didn't need a cat walk. It's the...
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    Red Forks Bale Bumpers

    I think you'll like it just fine, I know mine has been real handy.