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    Been warmish weather at our place here in Australia. 25 to 28 c most days. Need a bit more rain,cattle are starting to look good after the dry winter. Calves are doing well with the extra milk Colin
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    Stolen Semen

    Hope you catch the mongrels. I'm having trouble with cattle being stolen off a family property and have had no help from our rural crime officers. I have had to do the investigating myself. I have stacks of proof and know who took them so hopefully something will happen soon. Colin
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    Good Bye

    Many cancers are too far advanced to benefit from any treatment natural or doctor treated. I too have seen a number of people treated naturally that haven't survived. Its just luck. Colin
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    Good Bye

    I'm a nurse and I don't like some doctors much. Gone are the days where the good old GP truly cared for his patients. Its the almighty dollar that rules these days. We have a doctor in our little town that sees upwards of 60 patients a day. That is way too many. Quality service is lacking,this...
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    Rattlesnake Epedimic

    Yes there is an antivenom vaccine for the brown snake and most of our other venomous ones. The most venomous one that we have (world number one) is the Taipan,luckily it is generally up north in the warmer climates and down along the coast a bit. If anyone presents at our hospital and doesn't...
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    Rattlesnake Epedimic

    Haven't seen any snakes at our place yet so far as the weather warms up . My inlaws have killed two big brown snakes so far,they are in the top ten in the world for venom. They like to move in and live in the one area usually. Our other common snake the black snake usually goes if it threatened...
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    Good Bye

    Cancer is an insidious disease. Its a shame some doctors and drug companies don't ever want to find a cure. Wouldn't it be nice if money didn't rule our world and everyone were nice to each other. Colin
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    Its starting to warm up again here in Australia. We have had about 2" of rain in the past week. Thats pretty good for this time of the year. We have had our first storm. Our state has gone from 77% drought down to 33% which is in the right direction. Colin
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    hello from Oz

    Wish we were as green as you are Tully. We are still dry,getting sick of feeding out round bales. Fed out 60 so far. Still have the rest of winter and a bit more to go yet. Colin & Helen
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    Weather report from Australia

    Hello again,a weather update. The weather is very stable over much of Australia at the moment because of a high pressure that has been dominating our weather for almost two weeks now. Our winter has been remarkably mild,we had a minus 2c and a frost this morning. The days here have been around...
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    Looking for hamburger recipes!!

    Here I was thinking that a hamburger was just that. What an array of suggestions you have Ranchwife. Your family will be able to have a new hamburger every day for a couple of weeks with these suggestions. Our hamburgers over here generally have a meat pattie (or steak) with onions and barbeque...
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    Things have changed a bit at our place. Not as good as down at Tullys place. Its still wintery looking here. We have a fair bit of dry grass,a little clover is starting to come through. We still have a way to go through winter yet. More big frosts yet to come. We've had 22 so far this winter...
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    My day so far here in Australia.

    Been out in the cold,fed the show team.Checked the cows to calve,found one new one. Sleet falling,could snow later. Wind chill factor low today. Colin
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    My day so far here in Australia.

    Lucerne is your alfalfa,a tarpaulin is a woven type sheet that is used to cover trucks,hay and just about anything it is generally waterproof Colin
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    My day so far here in Australia.

    Australians call them stations,properties or farms. Kangaroos do tend to move into some more isolated towns. They also move in on crops,they particularly like lucerne and oats pastures. No I hate vegemite,so you'll never see me with a vegemite sandwich. There might be some haystacks,they are...