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Weather report from Australia

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Australian Cattleman

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Feb 11, 2005
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Northern NSW Australia
Hello again,a weather update. The weather is very stable over much of Australia at the moment because of a high pressure that has been dominating our weather for almost two weeks now.
Our winter has been remarkably mild,we had a minus 2c and a frost this morning. The days here have been around the 16/17c mark,they should be about 9/12c for this time of the year. Down to our east toward the coast the temps have been around 23/24c.
There is a bit of a cold front that will skirt our southern states,it won't get this far up. We have a bit of a green tinge through some of our paddocks.
Our cattle are hanging on OK,calving uneventfully. South Devons are about 3/4 finished,Brahmans are just starting and the Herefords and black baldys have almost completed calving. So far a good drop of calves, made up of South Devon,Brahman and Hereford crosses in the commercial herds. Good drop of polled SD calves by our new sire and some coming by our new polled Brahman sire as well.