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    Astroturf Movements Part II

    I Have to agree with Backhoe on this one. I really don't care if the man is black I totally disagree with pretty much everything he believes in. I have been around the world more than once and I really don't care what they think about us. As for health care I do believe there are some things...
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    Astroturf Movements Part II

    Badaxe, Wait let me see if someone doesn't agree with your little stupid opinion about what should happen in America then they are ignorant. Well bucky I don't and I beleive you are a mouth breathing moron. But that is just my opinion. Iv'e noticed as your president misspeaks or just plain lies...
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    And the Townhall plant award goes to...

    A murdering communist who got what he so richly deserved. Can not believe that someone running for president would allow his picture in campaign offices. But look what was elected.
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    A question to those LIVING in America today

    Protecting us is the gov. job they are supposed to do it. The government has no real right to decide our childrens curriculum nor to teach them there are debates about this but the only real option at this point is to home school. Social security should be abolished. I can't imagine the debt...
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    Alice said"

    Well I apologise I made a poor assumption. I don't know any mexican Americans I do know people of mexican decent who are Americans.
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    Alice said"

    Hurley jd I don't know where you live in texas but I sure would get out if I couldn't get anybody but wet backs to work for me. I live on the border and can get Americans to do work.
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    CNN money:5 freedoms you'll lose under Obamacare

    Hey fff your man lies. Wouldn't know the truth if it bit him on the ---
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    Gotta love Sarah

    Well I understand that one of the pres. people supports killing children that are not perfect. But I imagine you nn are quite content with the concept? Don't you still have plenty of stuff to screw up in your own country.
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    I try to avoid allot of posts on this board because I don't really think it does any good. I live rural O.T. and have all of my life. And yes if you are injured bad enough most of these little hospitals have to transport you to a bigger center but there is always a Dr. on call. As for making...
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    Gun Ban List

    We as a nation have already have outlawed "assault weapons" all this would do is put more stupid regulations on law abiding Americans. As one famous American said "Give me liberty or give me death"
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    Steele 'choice' gaffe sparks GOP revolt

    I personally disagree with abortion and believe that is between a woman and God. If if want to mix babies up in a blender and pull there cells out more power to you that is between you and God. I just do not beleive I or any other Americans should pay for it.
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    Dems Want Sheriff Joe To Go

    All of this racial profiling argument is stupid if you live on the mexican border your gonna profile mexicans. As far as the way he treats people in jail well they are in jail. If they werent at least accused they wouldn't be there. Shoot other than we were glad to be rid of janet Joe would have...
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    Funny how things change............

    Cattlearmy said 'Those that have huge herds and drive brand new everything to me they can afford it.' Isn't it funny how someone else can afford a tax as long as it doesn't affect you?!!!!!! Not everyone who has "huge herds" (apparently defined as anyone with more than 50 head) drive a brand...
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    Question for COOLIES.

    Cool is having an effect on Mexican cattle. This country I'm in runs quite a few mexicans in a good winter. Typically it is the same price to by mexican cattle as American you make the difference in the gain. The packers are discounting or will be .05 at slaughter. So the price at the border has...
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    Funny how things change............

    Great post Soapweed