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    I prefer peace

    Me Too!
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    No rain all summer and now this:

    Right about getting parts etc. We don't have any shops here to work on small engines. There rate is $115-$155/hr. I just wait until there is a sale and get another for $100. So far they are still running strong.
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    No rain all summer and now this:

    I would never have imagined a foot of Bark. Never got the chance to see the big timber work up close. Here, about 2 ft is the biggest tree. I have a Bois DÁrc in the front that is over 3 ft diameter. It has been here 200 years..
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    Prayers needed again

    Will do!
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    Hidden on Page 508 of the Infrastructure Bill Is a Plan to Make It Too Expensive to Drive a Car

    https://www.westernjournal.com/hidden-page-508-infrastructure-bill-plan-make-expensive-drive-car/#insticator-commenting There is the link where I saw it and it is in there.... Note that the tax is based on how much environmental impact the vehiicle creates. If they don't tax the cattle...
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    No rain all summer and now this:

    about 5 years ago I had some Mexican friends clear out 1/4 mile of 70 year old fence to replace. I didn't have a dozer then. Took them 5 days and kept me busy moving trees with the tractor and sharpening chains. I had one of those good little top handle Stihl saws my wife had bought me for my...
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    $2600/cow tax if this Infrastructure bill passes...

    They are back on the $2600/head cattle tax again. Time to call and write your representative and senator.. They are trying to put us out of business and then take our land for taxes..
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    I had one longhorn/angus cross that was sucking another cow. Traded her to a friend and when he came to get her she slipped out of the chute and we got the wrong one. Found out when he got home. She stayed and has raised 2 of the best calves and is the first up to the hay feeder every...
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    $2600/cow tax if this Infrastructure bill passes...

    Theglobalist one world order is being pushed by the various denominations. They have jumped on the one world one people bandwagon. The Un Agenda 21 st ates it will use the religious denominations to further their agenda. They do it slowly and incrementally, in order to create a change...
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    Anything good happen?

    We got 2 inches of rain after I finished sowing..... Not too much better...
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    $2600/cow tax if this Infrastructure bill passes...

    You hit the nailon the head there. A lot of this is being pushed by religious organizations. It has been for years. They were infiltrated for the purpose of pushing an agenda of the liberal elitists. The One World One People group will bury us so they can reap the benefits of our work..
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    $2600/cow tax if this Infrastructure bill passes...

    The UN is behind a lot of this crap!! http://www.fao.org/gleam/results/en/
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    $2600/cow tax if this Infrastructure bill passes...

    This came up today. https://tulsaworld.com/news/state-and-regional/govt-and-politics/fact-checking-revived-concerns-on-methane-fees-is-cattle-industry-being-taxed/article_a779b032-208e-11ec-9ae3-a7ea80d71233.html?fbclid=IwAR3Zh8nG56ymfxF-IjLW-f7WnmtthOnfZ9p8Da8dfndHiEy35TU8BmKUK_4
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    5th Cutting Alfalfa 09/22/2021

    Some things cannot be forgiven. 2A insurrections are one of them. I agree with your 911 statement. Here we don't call 911. Last time we had problems was 10 years ago. As I told the thief... I have 6 machines that will dig a hole twice the size of your pickup in 10 minutes, you have 1...
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    Prayers for Soapweed

    M old dog is about 12 now, and does a lot of ridin in the ranger. He will sniff out a calf when I need him. If we are moving cattle into the pen he knows when to bark to head one off, but usually stays under the truck or tractor. In his old age, he works only by appointment. If we go to the...