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    That is a very real fear of mine!
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    Were you illegally imprisoned? - - - Did you have the misfortune of being on a cruise ship - - - in a nursing home? Perhaps you were completely healthy however someone you had never met was on a trip with you or in rehab with you and so you were locked down until you were then ill or possibly...
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    Wrong full death

    I think many of the people in New York who under government orders had their loved one locked up to die in nursing homes should band together and press charges for illegal detainment and the Governor in particular should have to pay restitution for wrong full death - - - remember all the people...
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    Rule of law???

    Everyone should watch this - - - if it is allowed to continue we will end up like Cuba! https://www.facebook.com/dan.bongino/videos/544417506464930/UzpfSTEyNjM3MDAxMDA6MTAyMTczNDExNTEyNjE3OTM/
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    I don't think it is a joke - - - what is your specialty? Probably you are much better at it than I am - - - but there are things I can probably outshine you on - - - can you outshine the abilities of God?
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    This is a very short video but I feel it has a strong message https://www.facebook.com/superhensley/videos/10222686436333780/
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    Follow the MONEY

    I was in contact with a friend who is director of nursing at a hospital and expressed my dismay that they had had 36 Covid 19 deaths in the last month. My friend told me I was wrong - - - I said it is in the news. My friend tried to teach me in parables like Jesus did so the masses would...
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    People on lockdown

    We have a bunch of ground ready - - - We planed to start planting yesterday and it rained all day - - - hopefully soon!
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    People on lockdown

    I know many of you were veterans - - - think back at how important MAIL CALL was Lester BING Dudley is the only veteran ( United States Marine Corp ) resident at Kennard Senior Living and I can tell you any day he does not get a letter is a sad day for him. All of the residents could use a...
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    Most of the time the kids accomplishments are a reflection of their upbringing - - - congratulations to all!
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    Best Electric Fence Charger - GOT ONE. Another question about ground rods...

    I have not seen that brand but their ad sure says all the things I like - - - hopefully I will not need a replacement in my lifetime but I would consider one of their's if I needed one. As far as ground rods I still say check with your local utility company and use what they use and the number...
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    Best Electric Fence Charger - GOT ONE. Another question about ground rods...

    I bought one several years ago advertised to cover 150 miles of moderetly weeds fence with a 12 joule output at 8,000 volts - - - I have 5 miles of fence Going to the south farm with one ground I was down to 5,000 V so I put in another 10' steel copper clad ground rod 10' from the first - - -...
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    The untold story

    Any of you are welcome to repost. P.S. Many of you might be too young to know what a post script is but I have one. It is said that the United States Marines are built to " Improvise, adapt and overcome " but while the Marines definitely have this instilled into them I feel many of the normal...
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    The untold story

    Many people are going to remember the terrible actions of a few on 9-11-2001 How many realize that without government intervention the true spirit of the American people showed itself in Shanksville Pennsylvania. The politicians in power used this tragedy to put in place more levels of control...
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    Lying News media!

    Don't believe the news! President Trump never told the band of 4 to go back to their countries - - - he told them to go back where they came from ( areas of the country that elected them ) and fix the problems there and come back and show us how to do it. I agree with him - - - but the media...