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May 29, 2005
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I was in contact with a friend who is director of nursing at a hospital and expressed my dismay that they had had 36 Covid 19 deaths in the last month.

My friend told me I was wrong - - - I said it is in the news.

My friend tried to teach me in parables like Jesus did so the masses would understand that which they had not encountered before.

I was given an example - - - lets say a man named “Clem” accidently walked in front of a bus and was run over.

An ambulance brought “ Clem “ to the hospital where they could expect to get whatever money his insurance would pay to heal him. But if he has breathing problems ( I think if I was run over by a bus I would find it hard to breath ) the hospital can check him for Covid 19 and by treating a suspected Covid 19 patient they would receive an additional $13,000 from the federal government even if later it was determined he was Covid 19 free

With breathing distress Clem would probably be placed on a ventilator - - - his insurance would pay - - - but as a Covid 19 patient the hospital would receive an additional $39,000 from the federal government.

Now poor Clem dies from being hit by the bus but he is reported as dying from complications of Covid 19 receiving a total of $52,000 from the federal government above and beyond the money from Clem’s insurance - - - if you do that 36 times in one month the hospital receives $1,872,000 from the federal government.

I ask how in good conscience my friend could report like this and I was told the hospital administrators told them if they did not comply they could look for work else ware.

The reports of all the Covid deaths will keep the subjects in line!

If you are tired of this check and see if the local hospital has quit having people dying from heart disease, cancer or accidents - - - now you know why - - - FOLLOW THE MONEY !!!!

Big Muddy rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Big Muddy valley
You got it right George..

I watch my news feed at breakfast every morning. Every celebrity since Kenny Rodger has passed from Corona Virus.

Faster horses

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
I have heard the same. The woman dr who-wears-scarves even mentioned that very thing on national tv.
A 93 year old man with cancer died in the little town south of us. Yep, he died from Covid-19.

Deaths from flu and pneumonia suprisingly are now non-existent.

On the flip side, I read what a RN talked about the hospitals were barely making ends meet
and they needed the money. So there ya go. There are excuses for everything, it seems.

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